How To Fix Calls Keep Dropping On Samsung Galaxy S10


Have you been thinking and wondering why you are not able to make or receive calls properly on your Galaxy S10? If your calls keep dropping on your S10 device, here are the possible fixes that you must follow:

Force close Phone application

You’ll need to first look for a possible cause of the issue, whether it is as a result of an application you’re using or something else. Try starting your device again to see if the problem will be fixed or simply force close suspected phone apps. There are two steps to do this.


Method 1: Close an application with your Recent Apps key

  1. On your home screen, click the Recent Applications soft button.
  2. Once the Recent Applications screen popup, go ahead and move to the left or right section to look for the application(s).
  3. Then, tap[[ on the app you want to force- close and select the force close option from the next menu. This should force close now. If it’s not there, just click the Close All application to also start all apps again.

Method 2: Close an application making use of the App Info menu

Another approach to force close an application is by going within the app’s settings on your device. Although this is a longer method compared to the first one above but it’s equally helpful. You want to use this technique if you plan on doing other fixes for the application like clearing its data or cache. Here’s how to do this:

  1. Click and Open the Settings application.
  2. Tap Applications.
  3. Tap the More settings icon.
  4. Tap Show system applications.
  5. Locate and tap the application.
  6. Tap Force Stop.

Restart the device

If restarting the device application won’t change or solve anything, the next step in your fixing ladder is to switch off your device. To do that, hold and press the Power and Volume Down keys. Once the device has restarted, leave the keys. This is effective in clearing errors that developed when a system is running for a while. We propose that you restart your Samsung S10 using this technique at least once a week to reduce the chances of errors.

For some S10 devices, there may be a little different method to get to the same method. Here’s how:

  1. Now move ahead and press/hold the Power and the Volume Down keys for about 10 seconds or until the phone power cycles. Let it run for some seconds for the Maintenance Boot Mode screen to show up.
  2. Choose Normal Boot From the Maintenance Boot Mode screen, You can use the volume keys to cycle through the options that are available and the lower-left keys (below the volume keys) to choose. Wait for some seconds for the reset to be done.

Install updates

You might actually think that Installing updates may not be of help but in fact, it is. Developers can only fix issues in their applications through updates so it’s very vital that you keep both Android OS and applications running their latest versions. This is one way of ensuring that you reduce the chances of errors from developing.

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