How To Download Videos From Twitter On iPhone And iPad?


Twitter is a well known social media site with several users that love viewing videos, live feeds and several tweets.

It is home to lots of trending clips, which ranges from the hilarious ones to the annoying kinds and then the really interesting types. And technology has so taken over that we can now save videos into our smartphones, effortlessly and easily.

Sadly though, if you wish to download videos to your iPhone or iPad, you will not find a simple way to get it done as Twitter does not make it easy to download clips. But there will always be way and this article is here to address that.


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Let’s show you how to How To Download Videos From Twitter On iPhone And iPad?:


How Can I Download Twitter Videos On My iPhone Or iPad?


You must know that a particular file manager application is needed to download videos to your iPhone. Apps like MyMedia or Documents will allow you to seamlessly download any clip to your camera roll.

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They will cost you nothing and they both effective. Do this:

  1. Install the free MyMedia application on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. After installing the app, launch the Twitter application on your iOS device. Head to the tweet that possesses the embedded clip you wish to download.
  3. Click the tweet so its text and clip take over the full screen. Be cautious so you do not click any links or hashtags present in the tweet.
  4. Below the tweet, close to the heart icon, a different icon should be visible that resembles an arrow shooting out of a box. Click it.
  5. Click “Share Tweet via.”
  6. Click “Copy Link.” The URL of the tweet will be stored onto your phone’s clipboard.
  7. Exit the Twitter application and launch the MyMedia app.
  8.  Click Browser from the bottom menu.
  9. In the field way up in the application, enter https://www.twdown.net/ and click Go. This will load a site inside the MyMedia application.
  10.  Swipe down the web page till a field that displays “Enter Video.” is visible. Click this field to reveal the cursor then click and quickly hold your finger on it before releasing to reveal “Paste.”
  11. Click “Paste.” to have the tweet’s web address pasted into the field.
  12. Click “Download,” which is close to the field.
  13. You will see the web page load once more and then show you various download links for your clip in several sizes and resolutions. Tap your preferred options to download.
  14.  Immediately you click a download link, a menu will be revealed. Click “Download the File”, then enter a name for your saved clip.
  15. On the bottom menu, click “Media.” Your saved clip will be visible on this screen.
  16. Click your clip’s file name.
  17. A fresh menu will be shown with a few options. Click “Save to Camera Roll,” to save a copy of your Twitter clip to your iPhone or iPad’s Camera Roll folder. You will be able to access it in other applications like you normally would if you recorded the video yourself.

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