How to download the information Spotify saves from us


The arrival of the new European data protection law means that companies have to share with us everything they know and have about us in terms of data. Among the companies that provide us with this information is Spotify. We can download the data that the streaming service has stored about us.

How to download the information Spotify saves from us

Next, we are going to show you the steps that must be followed to download this information. You will see that they are very simple, although a part depends on the company (they have to send us the data). So its duration is variable.

Download the data Spotify store

First of all, we have to go to the website of the company and register with our username and password. You can access that using this link. This way we will access our profile on Spotify. Once inside, we have a menu on the left side with several options, we must go to privacy settings.

There you will see that one of the options that come out is to download your data. There, Spotify presents several steps, of which the first is to request. You will need to click on it, complete a captcha and then get a notification on the screen. You just asked the company to give you your data. Now, they are going to process this request. It is a process that could take up to 30 days, although it always takes less.

Once the necessary time has passed, Spotify will send us an email. They will tell us that the data is already available and we can access it. When we have seen this mail, we must return to access our profile and go to privacy and the section to download data. Now, step 3 is now available. You just have to click on download.

With these steps, you are going to have in the computer the data that the known streaming service has of you. So, in addition to knowing it, you can take some actions in case there are things that you want to change.

There are a couple of other settings worth noting in the Privacy section of your account portal:

  • Facebook data: You can choose whether Spotify can process the Facebook data you share with the company. This setting is beneficial for people who use Facebook credentials to log into their account.
  • Tailored ads: If you use the free version of Spotify, this setting prevents Spotify from sharing your data with third-party ad companies.

Of course, you won’t need to worry about tailored ads if you upgrade to Spotify Premium.

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