How to download music on iPhone X from the iTunes Store

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The new iPhone X like any other existing iPhone on the market is an excellent device when you want to listen to your favorite songs maybe lying in bed at home or in moments of relaxation on the sofa. In this tutorial, advising you first of all the iPhone X review, we will explain how to download music on iPhone X – also works with all the other iPhone – from the iTunes Store.

Downloading music to iPhone X from the iTunes Store is a breeze. You can safely rely on the official store to buy your favorite songs easily, quickly and above all legal. The requirements you need are an active Internet connection and a credit or prepaid card associated with your Apple account.

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Let’s see together the steps to  download music on iPhone X from the iTunes Store :

  1. Directly from your iPhone, open the iTunes Store app – already pre-installed by default – from the icon you find on the main iOS screen;
  2. Once the application has started, click on the Music tab at the bottom left. Automatically, you will go to the main iTunes Store page containing the audio tracks and the most sought-after albums of the moment.
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Always entrusting you to the iTunes Store, you can browse through filterings and find songs based on your genre that you like most through the appropriate options at the top. If you want to search for a particular song, you can do it by simply clicking on the search tab and then write the name of the artist or song. The cost of the various albums varies between 9 euros and 13 euros while the individual songs have a cost of 99 cents and a maximum 1.29 euros.

For the rest,  downloading music on iPhone X from the iTunes Store is really simple and immediate. Listening to your favorite songs on your iPhone has never been so easy and fun.

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