How to Download Audios/Voice Notes from Facebook


Today, you may like it more or less, but the truth is that social networks are a fundamental part of the lives of the vast majority of people.

We are hundreds of thousands who connect to social networks, which we use to learn about a wide variety of things related to everything and everyone, whether national and international news, entertainments, viral contents, topics related to our acquaintances or relatives, in short, hundreds of things.


But besides that, it is used to communicate with known people or strangers, making new friends and one thing that is quite normal to do is send audios/Voice Notes through Facebook.


Maybe you want to hear that voice note again or have that same audio/Voice Notes saved on your device, in case you want to have any kind of voice note hosted on your mobile device, for whatever reason, in this article I will show you exactly How to download an audio/Voice Notes from Facebook

 in a very simple way.

Trick to download audio/Voice Notes from Facebook

  • First of all, you are going to log in to your Facebook.
  • Once logged in you will go to the messages part.
  • Now you’re going to have to go to the list of chats and obviously look for the audio you want to download.
  • Now you have to click on the volume icon with the right mouse button.
  • If you notice “Save audio as …” you will have to choose that option “.
  • You will have to choose the option that says “All the files”.
  • The file extension that you are going to download is mp4, so you will have to change it and put in its place mp3 since this is the audio format, ideal to be able to play it comfortably.
  • Once ready, you will save and you should download it.

You see it is not at all complicated to download an audio from Facebook, in a matter of seconds you will have the audio on your computer without any problems, this way you will be able to send it wherever you want or listen to it as many times as you want without having to be entering this social network all the time, something that can be annoying if it is only to listen to an audio from Facebook.

You know then, how to download an audio/Voice Notes from Facebook and thus have everything saved or stored on your computer in case it seems the safest place, although it is always advisable in those cases, to use cloud services.

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