How To Download And Use A DStv Remote Control App On Your Phone

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Is your DStv remote giving you problems upon problems? Not to worry, you can always use a DStv remote application to control your decoder straight from your mobile device.

In this tutorial, we will break down how you can download this app on your phone and also expatiate on the smartphone requirements for the app for your easy understanding. See How To Download And Use A DStv Remote Control App:

Use DStv Remote Control App
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How Can I Troubleshoot My DStv Remote?

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A faulty DStv remote can always be fixed, therefore, before you download another unnecessary app that will only take up your phone space, try these tips:

1. Check For Infrared Signal:

If you are not aware, your remote actually communicates with your TV or decoder via infrared signals. To confirm if it is still sending out IR signals, simply put on your phone camera, and attempt to view the top of your remote with your phone camera while pressing the remote. If white flashes are seen, your remote is working fine.

2. Remove All Obstructions:

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Ensure the path between the remote and the decoder is clear of all types of objects and obstructions.

3. Clear Programming:

You should also try to clear programming or reset the remote to fix the problem.

4. Replace The Batteries:

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As you already know, weak or dead batteries can make your remote malfunction. If the batteries are new, simply take them out and place them back in to confirm if that rectified the issue.

How Can I Download And Use A DStv Remote Control App?

If all of those tips end up failing, a DStv remote control application is a fast and simple alternative to your troublesome remote. Even if the experience will not be the same, it is definitely better than having no remote at all.

There are 2 amazing DStv remote apps for your Android phone and they are named Remote for DSTV and PVR Remote. Below is how to download them:

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Use DStv Remote Control App
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  1. Launch the Android PlayStore application.
  2. Type in the Dstv remote app of your choice: “PVR remote” or “Remote for DSTV”
  3. Install the application.
  4. Connect to the internet when you open the application for the first time.

Smartphone Requirements For DStv Remote Apps?

Sadly, the DStv remote applications will not function on just any Android device. There are requirements to make it work.

1. Android Version Should Be 4.0 And Above:

You must check your Android version under “Settings.” under “About Phone.”

2. Infrared Blaster:

To check for IR Blaster on your phone, simply check Google for your phone specifications. Just Google “Your-Phone-name specifications,” After that, check to confirm if you’ll find Infrared listed.

That is that.

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