How to Disable Google Assistant Repeat Command Suggestions


Google Assistant can be incredible, yet it’s not without irritating propensities. If you happen to use Google Assistant very often, you’ve likely gotten friendly “Suggestions” to utilize commands. Fortunately, you can disable these suggestions and we will show you just how to in this guide.

Let’s assume you request the weather forecast each day around a similar time. Google Assistant will get on this propensity and send a notice to your Android gadget, preemptively finding out if you’d prefer to do the activity now.

Screenshot 20210217 092140
example repeat action suggestion

Example of a “Repeated Action” suggestion notification.


This could save you some time on the off chance that you regularly do the activity on your telephone at any rate. Be that as it may, in case you’re doing it through a Google Assistant-empowered speaker, a notice on your telephone isn’t really useful. We’ll tell you the best way to turn them off.

How to Disable Google Assistant Repeat Command Suggestions

To start with, swipe down from the top of the screen of your phone (a few times, depending on how the UI of your phone is set up) and tap the gear symbol to open the Settings menu.

2021 02 01 15 32 22
swipe down and tap the gear icon

Then, select “Applications and Notifications.”

2021 02 02 15 08 17
select apps and notifications

Tap “See All [Number] Apps” for the full rundown of introduced applications.

2021 02 02 15 08 34
see all apps

Look through the rundown and find “Google.”

2021 02 24 16 45 56
find the google app

Then, select “Notifications.”

2021 02 24 16 54 06
select notifications

Here’s the place where you’ll see all the distinctive Notification Channels. The Google application has a great deal of them. We need to turn off “Sometimes Repeated Actions.”

2021 02 24 16 48 57
turn off occasionally repeated actions

You’re finished! Google will presently don’t bug you about “Rehashed Actions.”

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