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How To Create A Bitcoin Account Wallet In Nigeria

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If you are not aware, the needed parameters of your PC that are useful for holding and using Bitcoin on it are 9GB of free space and added space for future updates. Fortunately for Nigerian citizens, these days, several 3rd party platforms allow you to make investments in Nigeria and create a bitcoin account.

These sites will simply give you your personal ID, which will be used while logging in, once that is done, you will be able to make transactions with your bitcoin wallet. The available platforms that will help are coinbase.com, blockchain.info, bitcoinwallet.com. All you’ll need is your email but you should also share your phone number for added safety. See How To Create A Bitcoin Account Wallet In Nigeria:

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Create Bitcoin Account Wallet Nigeria
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How Can I Open A Bitcoin Wallet Using A Reputable Bitcoin Platform?

Like I said earlier, your email is key. A letter confirmation will be sent to your email address, just confirm it. You will get a combination of letters and symbols and this will be your bitcoin wallet address.

How To Choose The Most Suitable Bitcoin Platform For You?

  1. coinbase.com
    This platform is useful for whoever values their security and also wish to receive ethereum wallet. It will also suit those who wish to earn some bitcoins every day.
  2. blockchain.info
    This is for professionals who cherish nothing else but a bitcoin account.
  3. bitcoinwallet.com
    This will be the best choice for users who wish to receive customized bitcoin addresses.

Bitcoin Exchange Rate You Should Know About In Nigeria

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If you wish to convert bitcoin to Naira, use this information: 1.00 BTC = 377 553.54 NGN.

Create Bitcoin Account Wallet Nigeria
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How Can I Buy Bitcoin In Nigeria?

  1. First things first, to purchase bitcoin in Nigeria, you need to log into your account on Localbitcoins. When that is done, you will have access to your bitcoin wallet. Be aware that, This does not concern you if you’re an active user who already has an account.
  2. The next thing is to head to your home page to select a number of bitcoins you wish to buy, currency, location, and choose a method of payment.
  3. You will be shown a list of traders, choose one based on a good reputation, and a huge number of transactions. Some indicators will reveal whether a person is online or not. You can tap “Buy” to view more detailed information about the offer.
  4. After that, you will be shown detailed info about the terms of the transaction. If you don’t agree, you can go back to the previous page to pick a different offer.
  5. To begin the transaction, you have to decide on the number of bitcoins you wish to buy and tap “request a deal” to continue with the transaction. If payment is not made before the closing of the window, the transaction will be automatically canceled.

That is that.

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