How to copy your photos from Android to PC?


Smartphones are now devices able to compete with mid-range cameras easily. The quality of the shots, the storage capacity, and many other small features make these devices more than suitable for photography lovers.

After a day of photoshoots, the problem arises when it’s time to spend your photos from Android to PC. Those who are not particularly familiar with these two platforms may find themselves facing an insurmountable wall. This article will address the problem by showing you how it is actually quite simple to make this transition.

Difficulty in switching photos from Android to PC? We show you how!

In the past, we have already seen how to copy photos from Android to Mac, discovering how this type of procedure is not so prohibitive. Even with regard to the passage of photographs between Android and PC, there are no particular difficulties. However, we will analyze several easily implemented strategies.

Use of the app (official or not)

Developers know that transferring photos from one platform to another can be difficult for the average user. Precisely for this reason, those who produce smartphones are concerned with providing adequate apps that, in addition to managing photos, encourage the possible passage in different environments.

Naturally, each brand uses different software like Samsung Smart SwitchXiaomi Mi PC Suite and Huawei HiSuite, and many others. Usually, these are programs that allow you to perform a much larger series of operations on the photos, so it may interest you to deepen the knowledge of the app for your smartphone model. It will be essential to connect via USB the two platforms involved in data exchange in almost all cases.

However, in some cases, you may prefer third-party apps that can handle photos and share them from your mobile phone to your home computer or laptop. Among them, we can mention:

  • AirDroid, a well-known software in the environment, allows you to interact with your smartphone directly from a PC browser. In this way, it is very easy to move your photos from one device to another without using cables or other apps. Naturally, it is an app that offers many other types of ideas regarding use.
  • FotoSwipe is instead a very “vertical” app created exclusively to manage the photos of your smartphone. It allows you to transfer entire galleries, with a few simple steps, both on your PC and another phone.
  • Send Anywhere is another rather viable solution. This app allows you to transfer many photos at the same time. The method used is scanning the QR code or using link sharing.

Google Photos and alternatives

So far, we have talked about software, but there are more than valid solutions for cloud services. In this context, the first name that is rightly in mind is Google Photos.

In fact, through this app, you can make a backup of all the photos on your device. Google Photos, in fact, will save all the photos directly on Google Drive and, from there, it will then be easy to access them via PC.

But there are other services like Dropbox, which can be used both from a PC or a mobile device. With the Dropbox app installed on your smartphone, touch a photo in Gallery, select Share from the menu that appears, and chooses Dropbox. Having done this, it will be possible to choose the precise folder in which to save the single shot. With this method, you can also share the shots on the app like WhatsApp and Telegram or send the photo directly via Gmail.

Transfer photos from Android to PC via cable

If you want to use a cable to make the passage of your photos quicker and safer, there is no problem. All you need to do is connect with the USB cable usually used for battery recharging to the PC.

Unless you have installed special software on your computer, this will read your smartphone as a common device. At this point, you need to click on the icon that appears at the top and select the transfer of MTP files. Following the path File Explorer – This PC and pressing the right mouse button on the smartphone, you can then directly choose Import images and videos to download all the photos and videos on your smartphone. This is a suitable solution if you have dozens and dozens (if not hundreds) of photos and want to bring them to a PC in bulk.


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