How to congratulate many people at the same time on WhatsApp

If you want to congratulate many people on WhatsApp at Christmas time, here are the easiest way, with tips to send the best greeting.

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We will show you how to send your own Christmas message on WhatsApp, as well as some tips to send the best possible greeting. This is the best way to congratulate everyone, with the application that everyone uses.

Taking advantage of the broadcast lists to send a Christmas message to the whole world

WhatsApp has a function that not everyone knows, but it is very easy to access. We talk about the broadcast lists, a feature that allows us to send the same message to a contact list.

It is necessary that these contacts know you and have you in their agenda. They will not know that the message you have sent them is through a broadcast list, nor to those who have sent the same message since they will receive it in a private conversation. The steps to follow are these:

  • Open the WhatsApp application.
  • Do you see those three points that are at the top of the application? Click there
  • Select New broadcast.
  • Choose the contacts that will receive your message.
  • Write and send your message. You can send messages, audios, stickers, photographs or videos.

Do not be shabby and send a single message

Really, do not be crappy. Seriously. Have you ever received a text greeting from someone and have thought “how devious is this guy sending a generic message”? If you’ve ever done it, think about how crappy it is, even more so when 

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WhatsApp leaves us so many tools to send a spectacular message.

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Show that even though you are sending the same message to several people, you have thought a little about them. Make a voice recording, 

or better yet, record a video, with Christmas clothes, and make a video that shows the best of your intentions.

Take that photograph in which you stay so well and do a little editing, add Christmas stickers, send several messages. Sending a message to many people is easy, so instead of copying and pasting text into many messages, you can take the time to be creative.

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