How To Clear Cache And Data On Samsung Smart TV


We are all aware of the importance of clearing cache memory from time to time, and most of us do it on our smartphones, laptops and so on. However, not too many people know that it needs to be done on their TVs as well. Well, that makes sense since Television sets are smart devices as well.

If you own a Samsung TV, and you have not cleared your cache in a while, this tutorial will definitely be of help. Fortunately for you, the processes are not complicated at all, and getting it done would be a breeze. See How To Clear Cache And Data On Samsung Smart TV:

Clear Cache Data Samsung Smart TV
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How Can I Clear Cache And Data On Samsung Smart TV?


Please be aware that it is impossible to clear all cache at once. If you’re not aware, cache memory is stored in every application, therefore you’ll need to repeat the same process for all applications you are using. Just adhere to these instructions:

  1. Power ON your Samsung TV.
  2. Press the “Home” button on your remote control.
  3. Access “Settings.”
  4. Select “Apps.”
  5. Open “System Apps.”
  6. Choose the application whose cache you wish to clear.
  7. Choose “Clear Cache.”
  8. Confirm by pressing OK.

There you go. The cache should be deleted asap. If you have more applications, do not forget to repeat the process for each and every one. This would also be a good opportunity to check if you have to update some apps, and if you have applications you no longer use, you might need to consider getting rid of them.

Clear Cache Data Samsung Smart TV

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Benefits Of Clearing Cache On Your Samsung TV?

  1. Its speed will most likely increase. As you already know, the cache can affect the speed and performance of your device, especially if you haven’t cleared it for a long time. After clearing, expect your TV to work faster.
  2. You’ll be protecting your device from malware. The truth is that several viruses target cache memory because they know that people often forget to clear it.
  3. Browser performances will improve as well. I’m not talking about just speed, even if that could be the most notable change. If you have issues accessing sites, it can be because of things contained in your cache.

That is that.

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