How To Check Plate Number Owner Details In Nigeria (2021)


As you already know, Plate Numbers are simply used to identify car or vehicle owners. The numbers are a means of identification and it aids you to identify the owner of a specific car, and also helps in the safety of the vehicle. As you already know, a Plate Number is usually at the back of a car and it could be useful during cases of burglary, robbery, or even accidents.

In fact, if you are not aware, the best way to know the owner of a car involved in an accident is by identifying the plate number on the vehicle asap. In summary, a number plate is compulsory for all car owners. Without one, it is actually impossible to ply the roads in Nigeria as the Nigerian Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) prohibits such movement. See How To Check Plate Number Owner Details In Nigeria (2021):

How Can I Check A Car Plate Number Owner In Nigeria?

Check Plate Number Owner Nigeria
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Verifying the authenticity and identity of a car plate number can be done in several ways. Let’s break them down one by one below:

1. Report To The Nearest Police Station:

When you get there, explain why you need the information. For instance, you were involved in a crime scene and you memorized the culprit’s plate number. Make sure you provide the authorities with relevant details because you’ll be helping with the investigation.

2. Ask For A Document Backed By A Court Order:

The police will give you this document, and it grants you the right to find the license plate number by owner name and vice versa. Without this document, persuading the FRSC to support your findings will not be successful.

3. Visit Offices Of The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC):

Once you get to the FRSC office, just explain your situation with relevant police documents to the FRSC officers. You’ll be prompted to provide more details to verify your words. Ensure you are certain about what you’ll say, and the documents you’ll present. If your words are convincing enough, your information would be exported from the government database of transport info, including vehicle type, owner’s name, ID card number and so on.

4. Check The FRSC Website:

If you wish to check the plate number in Nigeria, you can head to the FRSC site to check
online. See how:

  1. Head to https://nvis.frsc.gov.ng/VehicleManagement/VerifyPlateNo
  2. Enter the number plate in the box provided. No space is allowed.
  3. Tap “Verify.”

The system will then reveal the result showing the validity of the plate number, and also the type of car it belongs to.

Check Plate Number Owner Nigeria
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How Can I Know A Car Plate Number Owner In Lagos?

If you want more information about a specific car plate number in Lagos State, you can consult the Lagos Motor Vehicle Administration Agency. This agency grants you access to vital registration details such as car model, its color, chassis number, vehicle status, and the issue date of the number plate.

  1. Visit here
  2. Enter the plate number (only letters and numbers without spaces are allowed.)
  3. Tap “Search.”

You are done.

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