How To Change Wallpaper On Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge?


Customizing your wallpaper is one of the simplest ways to make your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge appear exactly how you want.

Wallpapers make your mobile device stand out.

Below are some easy instructions to adhere to change the wallpaper on your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge.


How Can I Change Your Wallpaper On My Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge?

Your wallpaper can be changed to a different preinstalled picture on your Galaxy S6/S6 Edge or you can select from your personal images. The options you have are not restricted in any way.

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1. Through The Home Screen

1. Access Your Wallpapers:

Before anything else, head to your Home screen. When you are there, click and hold any empty area on the display. The edit mode for your Home screen will then be accessed.

The options below might be seen in this mode:

  1. Add widgets to Home.
  2. Change wallpapers.
  3. Apply Samsung Galaxy S6 themes.
  4. Set the screen grid.

If you only wish to alter the background, click on “Change wallpapers.”

2. Choose Wallpaper Location:

After that, you will decide on where you wish to get your wallpaper from. If you intend to use photos that you have snapped on your mobile device, click “From Gallery.”


You can even select from a list of preinstalled wallpapers that accompanied your Samsung Galaxy S6/S6 Edge phone.

It does not matter if it is from your Gallery or wallpapers already installed if you click on a picture, a preview of what your screen will appear like will be visible. As soon as you see one you fancy, click “Set as Wallpaper” way down on the display.

At the top, to the left, “Home Screen” will be seen alongside a downward triangle or arrow. Clicking on the arrow will present you with options for you to set the wallpaper for your Home, Lock or the two screens.

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2. Through Settings Icon

1. Access Your Wallpaper:

Also, you can check your wallpaper options by heading into the Settings menu. To achieve this, scroll down from the top of your display. Your notification panel will be brought down.


Ensure your Settings menu is brought up by clicking on the gear icon at the top, to the right of your screen. Within Settings, swipe down till you reach “Personal,” and click “Wallpaper” to view your wallpaper or change your backgrounds.

2. Set Your Wallpaper:

The options for your options are way down on your display. Swipe down via the accessible pictures by scrolling left or right. When you see the one you fancy, click on the image. You will get a preview of the Home screen with the fresh wallpaper.

If what you see is what you want, click “Set Wallpaper.” way down on the screen. Also, like the previous step, you will be able to click “Home Screen” on your display to alter where you want the background to be seen. You can choose from the Home screen, Lock screen, or the two to set the wallpaper to the two locations.