How to cancel sending a message on Instagram


Today we will see step by step on how to cancel sending a message on Instagram by following a suitable procedure.

Here’s how to cancel sending a message on Instagram – the complete procedure


Despite being in front of a social network focused mainly on movies and photos, Instagram also allows you to write and communicate with other users taking advantage of the appropriate sections.

In these cases, however, for various reasons, it could happen to be wrong to write a message. In this regard, let’s see how to cancel sending a message on Instagram, through the Direct app or computer.

Cancel sending a message on Instagram

It can happen to make a mistake in sending a message, sending it to the wrong person or making simple grammatical errors. Instagram, fortunately, allows the cancellation of the message without any time limit.


Instagram app

Directly from the main application screen, click on the Direct icon at the top right. Here you opt for the chat that contains the offending message. At this point, there is nothing left but to make a long press on the latter and select the words Cancel sending the message.


App Direct

By relying on the dedicated app, you can also enter the chat containing the message here, press and hold the message and cancel the message.


In conclusion, even in this case, after logging in to the chat section, you need to perform a long click on the message you want to delete and also tap here the voice cancels the sending of the message.

As you have seen in all 3 cases, canceling a message on Instagram is easy. Obviously, if you find it difficult to follow the tutorial or you have some simple questions do not hesitate to contact us below where there is a special comment box.

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