How To Buy Good & Cheap Cars In Nigeria Easily In 2021


Are you looking to purchase cheap cars in Nigeria right now? The good news is that you have clicked on the right tutorial. The truth is that you can definitely buy a dependable vehicle for yourself in 2021 if you are exposed to the right tips and sources to give you exactly what you are looking for. See How To Buy Cheap Cars In Nigeria In 2021:

Buy Cheap Cars Nigeria
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Options For Cheap Cars In Nigeria?

Before making any car purchase, you must be aware of the feasible options for cheap cars for sale in Nigeria, including car types and variations, depending on the origin or car condition.

The first option to look at is relatively used cars, which are affordable and very dependable. There are several of them available in the country right now, and their prices make a lot of sense. However, even this car type divides into several categories that you have to be familiar with. They are:

1. American And European Used Cars:

These cars are believed to come in better condition than locally used vehicles because of their shorter time of use and guaranteeing that a foreign driver maintains a car better. In fact, American imported vehicles account for almost three-quarters of total used car imports to Nigeria. The US car sales and freight system are not complicated in any way.

2. Online And Offline Auction Cars:

Buying a cheap vehicle in Nigeria is also possible via the auction system, and auctions happen online and offline.

Most online auctions used by cheap car buyers are abroad, but this will not be an issue if you buy the right way. However, always pay attention to details when you are on online car auction websites because not all sellers will be sincere about the car’s condition.

All auctions go down with clear rules and regulations that must be adhered to for you to place a valid bid. Ensure you understand what the auction organization requires, and the process should be very seamless. Be aware that the Nigerian Customs Service is in charge of organizing the essential offline auction.

How Can I Buy Cheap Cars In Nigeria?

1. Research Through The Market:

If you want to buy cheap cars in Nigeria, it is best to gather enough information about cars in general, cars in Nigeria, e.t.c. You can also search for information online, reach out to friends and family, and even your mechanic for a helping hand.

2. Determine Your Price Range:

Know the car target based on your preferences and your budget. Ensure you negotiate used car prices to know how affordable a cheap car in Nigeria is right now.


3. Check Every Aspect Of The Car Twice:

As soon as you see the car you have been targeting, make sure you verify the info to be certain that it is exactly what was advertised. Look out for signs of oil leakage, rust, and abnormally low mileage is also a bad thing to avoid. A test drive will not be a bad idea as well.

4. Paperwork Must Be Complete:

To avoid more troubles with the customs and police in the future, ensure your documentation is ready for you. Be aware that you might need a court affidavit or a police report to buy a Nigerian used car. If you are looking at buying a foreign used car, be certain that it was brought into the country legally and all duties have been paid and certified.

Buy Cheap Cars Nigeria
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Where Can I Buy Cheap Cars In Nigeria?

With the rise in internet usage in the country, online purchases of imported used cars are now reasonable. Therefore, you can expect to get a good bargain for used cars from credible online auto classified websites like:

  • Naijauto
  • Jiji
  • Olx
  • Check
  • QAAuctions

While you deal with online auto-sales sites, be cautious because the information displayed by 3rd-party sellers is not always verified. You can purchase and import yourself from abroad as well. Well, known popular local auto-marts are:

  • Affordable Cars ltd
  • Okocha Motors
  • Lanre Shittu Motors
  • Banix Motors
  • Carmudi
  • Cheki Motors
  • Cars45

That is that.

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