How To Backup Your Android Device’s Contacts To Google, And Restore Them From A Backup?


Backing up your Android phone’s contacts to a Google account is possible. All it takes is few easy steps, and you can be sure nothing will go missing.

How many phone numbers do you actually know off hand? How long will it take you to memorize new ones when the numbers change? Depending on technology to never forget such things might seem a bit unsafe, but several details are involved that only your brain cannot accommodate. Therefore it is wise to trust our devices to keep various numbers safe on our behalf.

The simplest way to ensure your contacts are stored on your several devices is by having them saved directly to the Google account that is linked with those devices.

But getting this done manually whenever you have a new number or email address to add to your contacts is not necessary. And for whoever owns an Android, doing it is fast and straightforward.

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How Can I Backup My Android Contacts To A Google Account?

  1. Head to your Settings.
  2.  Click “System” and then select “Backup” (It could also be within “Backup and reset,” under the section for “User and backup”).
  3. Enable “Backup to Google Drive.”

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How Can I Restore My Contacts From A Google Backup?

After wrapping up the above steps, you will be able to bring back any lost contact by getting them from your backup. This is how you can achieve that:

  1. Launch your Settings.
  2. Click “Google.”
  3. Within “Services,” choose “Restore contacts” (This is dependent on the device, it could be its personal section, and those with several Google accounts will need to choose the right one by clicking “From account”).
  4. Select the device that has the contacts you need to copy.
  5. Click “Restore” and hold on till a confirmation message is visible.

As you use the restoration instructions above, do not forget that your device will only save contacts that are yet to be saved by you. By so doing, you can stay away from the creation of duplicate contacts.

You will be able to merge your saved contacts with the contacts saved on your device, which will remove what is not necessary. Your fresh contacts will then sync to your Google account plus any accounts that is linked to it.

As you restore, you can skip saving to your SIM card or phone storage after choosing the contacts you intend to copy. To get that done, just disable “SIM card” or “Device storage” before you tap “Restore.”

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