How To Avoid Or Remove The Bad Smell Inside Your Car


Driving a car should be a comfortable, safe, enjoyable action. It can be a Ford Ranger 2021, a HighLander, a Lexus, or any other model or brand, but what matters is to feel good inside that space during the trip, both the driver and the other travelers.

Remember the good smell of your car when it was new? From the moment you sat on the seat, got behind the wheel, and left the agency driving this vehicle for the first time, that unmistakable new smell you certainly haven’t forgotten.


Driving the latest 2021 vehicle, for example, with this very special smell, is a very good feeling. But unfortunately, this pleasant smell will not stay in the vehicle for long. Bad news, isn’t it?

As time goes by, all-new 2021 cars and all other brands start to lose that special smell, gaining new and diverse aromas. Some are delicious, but there are others that can be unbearable. However, there is always a solution to avoid this and keep driving a car with a pleasant smell!

When the vehicle gets wet inside…

It often happens to leave the car windows open to travel with that cool event, and suddenly it starts raining and you forget to quickly close the windows and the rainwater ends up in the car.

And on how many occasions have you opened the window a little so that the glass does not fog up? This also causes the infiltration of water, which ends up wetting not only your clothes but also part of the doors and even the seats. If you leave the car completely closed, it will be very difficult to remove the musty smell!

So, if water got inside your car, when you park the car in the garage, go down all the windows, allowing the air to dry everything. As soon as the sun comes up again, park the car somewhere safe, open the windows and doors, allowing the heat from the sun to finish drying everything up.

Be very careful with the things that are inside the car

If you have children, you already know that children usually spill some juice or drop cookies or ice cream when they travel in the car. So, every time you get out of the vehicle so you don’t use it that day, check the interior to make sure there isn’t a piece of chocolate on the floor or any fruit or leftover food.


Any drink that has been spilled will leave an unpleasant smell if the car is locked without cleaning and drying it first. In addition, there are insects that love scraps of food or drink, like ants!

Forget the cigarette inside the car

Everyone already knows that smoking is not a friend of good health. But it is also a great enemy inside the car, not only because of the possibility of you getting burned while driving but also because of the strong smell it leaves inside.

Traveling in a car with a strong cigarette smell is too unpleasant, it invades not only the upholstery of the seats but also the passengers’ clothes, hair… everything! And there is almost no deodorant that can rid your car of that scent. Therefore, nothing better than leaving the cigarette for another time.

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Traveling with pets

If you have a pet dog and usually travel with him on car rides, it is important to ventilate the vehicle on the way back and also to brush the hair that may have been in the car properly, as well as cleaning the windows, where traces of drool may remain. of the dog.

Driving with the windows closed because of the rain

You have probably already had the experience of driving in very heavy rain, the kind that prevents you from lowering the window even an inch. With everything closed, the windows are fogged up and the smell starts to get unpleasant.

On these occasions, it is best to wait for the right place and time to be able to open the windows and allow for proper ventilation. This will allow a renewal of the air, the windows are no longer fogged, reducing their visibility and the smell inside the car to return to normal.


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