How To Add Hollywood Special Effects To Your Clips?


No one cares what it is called — chroma key, green or blue screen — What we know is that it is the movie and clip technique that ensures your regular clips and Fast and Furious films are basically the same.

Artificial backgrounds inserted behind the action is what this is all about.

You just record whatever it is you intend to film in front of a proper green or blue screen, and then include some software magic to alter the background.


Lots of less costly, free applications let you achieve this on your personal videos. It is a massive way to improve your presentations or to entertain your children with a Saturday project capturing their personal toys in action scenes. This is how to begin.

1. Set Up Your Studio

Before anything else, you require a huge piece of solid green or blue cloth or paper that can be used as background while you record. You will also need to get where it will be hanged and get strong lighting directed at the screen to prevent shadows from popping up in your clip.

Some yards of clothes can be bought, or you purchase a professional chroma-key backdrop at stores like B&H Photo Video. If you are working on a big project, you can locate full green-screen studio kits, a frame to have it hanged on and studio lights as well.

Chroma key makes use of green or blue backgrounds since those hues do not interfere with human skin tones, ensuring that the software does not think a human body is a background. Also ensure your subject is not putting on dresses that flaunt the exact color of the background, else the dresses will be part of the background when the clip is done.

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2. Get Your Software

If you want all your recording and editing job done on your device or tab, get into your app store and search “green screen” or “chroma key” application that you like and can pay for. Android Film FX’s Green Screen Video app and Do Ink’s Green Screen for your iPhone and iPad are 2 great and less costly options. KineMaster for Android and iOS is also able to give you green-screen clips and so more moviemaking jobs.

If you decide to get the clips imported and then edited on a desktop computer, Movavi Video Editor and Wondershare Filmora9 can come in handy. Adobe Premiere Pro can also cater for green-screen stuff. These 3 programs function on Windows and Macs and there is also a trial you do not have to pay for plus additional features than several mobile applications that aid editing, special effects and all kinds of media.

If you trying to save money, Software such as VSDC Free Video Editor for Windows or Apple’s iMovie for macOS are absolutely free.

3. Record

As soon as you hang your backdrop, ensure it is as seamless as it should. Tape and clips can be utilized to stretch it tight against a wall or counter. Get your subject positioned a few feet in front of your screen to stay away from shadows. Then start recording.


You might need to try and try again to get the action you desire, especially when you are recording with animals, since they are be so unpredictable at times. If you desire to be in the clip too, get the device or camera sticked on a tripod, which will keep the recording steady.

4. Choose A New Background

If your application does not give you alternative backgrounds you can make use of during your initial recording, a different scene can be inserted later. Several programs let you select another clip, a picture or an animation to replace the green or blue screen in the background of your first clip.

It is also possible to download green-screen videos and backgrounds online. Websites like Pexels, Pixabay and Videvo give you downloads you do not pay for or less costly content if you need to try your hands on new stuff or include unexpected elements into your clip as you edit it together.

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5. Fine-Tune The Scene

Chroma key functions exactly like most programs, but confirm from your application’s guide for precise instructions for getting rid of the green or blue backdrop. If you are making use of a complete video-editing program, you have additional control and might even find it easy to compensate for uneven lighting by getting rid of several shades of color.

Plus the chroma-key tool, programs such as iMovie and VSDC Free Video Editor allows the management of your videos in different layers on a timeline, aids to trim out less interesting parts and then include music to your project before you have the project saved and flaunt your Hollywood special-effects gift tot eh entire universe.


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