How to activate YouTube Dark mode


YouTube offers a new option for all of us who spend hours watching videos. 

The truth is that they were taking a little time to bring us a way that would allow us to watch videos at night without much eye strain.


In most cases, this problem has been solved by downloading some extensions. 

But it will no longer be necessary because you can now enjoy the new dark mode of YouTube, which at the moment is a little hidden.

In this post, we will teach you how to enable the 

new option that allows you to have dark YouTube.

It’s available for some time in the version for iOS mobile devices and, relatively recently, in Android phones and in the browser version.

This dark mode is to invert the tones of the user interface. That is, change the white background to black.


How to activate YouTube Dark Theme mode

1) Open the browser and access Youtube.com

2) Click on your profile icon

3) Click on Dark Theme- deactivated

4) A small window will open with this text: The dark theme makes the dark surfaces of the page dark, optimizing night visibility. Try it. The Dark Theme setting will only be applied to this browser.

5) Click on the Dark Theme selector to activate it.

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