Instagram Direct Messages (1)
Instagram Direct Messages

You do not have to let your direct messages on Instagram look so plain. Just as you can add special effects to every other Instagram feature, you can add special effects to your messages on Instagram before you hit send. This guide will show you how to access special effects on Instagram and add them to your messages.

You should note before we proceed that to get these effects, you will first need to enable the Facebook Messenger integration. Once you have turned on this integration, you will get a bunch of new messaging options and also be able to text your Facebook friends right from the Instagram app.

How to Access Special Effects on Instagram and Add Them to Your Direct Messages

First off, launch the Instagram app on your mobile device.

Once in the app, go to your list of DMs. You can do this by tapping on the Messenger icon in the top right corner of the Instagram home screen.

Instagram Chats (1)
tap the Messenger icon

Now, go to the conversation you would like to send a message with special effects.

Once in the conversation, type in the message you would like to send in the text box at the bottom of the screen. Once you start typing, you will notice that a magnifying glass icon will replace the camera shortcut on the text box’s left side. After you have finished typing your message, tap on the magnifying glass icon.

Text Special Effects Option Instagram
tap the magnifying glass icon

Now, you should notice your message displayed with four different special effects at the very top of the slide-up menu that comes up.

Instagram Messages Text Special Effects
Instagram Messages Text Special Effects

All of the effects are interactive. This means that if the person you send a text message with heart-themed effect taps on the message, many virtual hearts like balloons will be released all over their screen.

If you use the gift box option, it will hide your message. The message will only be revealed when the recipient taps on it. Then the message will unwrap itself and reveal what you send.

If you send the confetti filter, the recipient’s phone will vibrate whenever they tap on the message.

Instagram Messages Text Special Effects
Instagram Messages Text Special Effects

There are also lots of other features that came with Facebook’s cross-platform update. The update now gives you a lot more to do to customize your messaging experience on Instagram. The update comes with features like Vanish mode, which allows you to send disappearing messages, pick which emojis appear when you open the quick reactions pop-up, and turn yourself into a selfie sticker.

So, which of these new features is your favorite? Let us know via the comments below.

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