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How Stop Unsolicited SMS and Calls From MTN, Airtel, GLO, and 9Mobile

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In this article, We will be showing how you can Stop Unsolicited SMS and Calls for any of the telecommunication providers in Nigeria.

Almost, if not everyone in Nigeria who owns a sim card from either MTN, Airtel, GLO or 9mobile have at some point received an unsolicited SMS or Call. Those SMS and Calls that ask you to subscribe for one service or the other for a particular fee per week, per day or per month. You will agree when I say that these messages and calls we get incessantly are pretty annoying and downright frustrating.

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Stop Unsolicited SMS

Somedays, one might get up to 10 of these adverts bugging your phone and subsequently draining one’s battery. The calls are the most annoying part when you hear your phone ringing from across the room and you have to rush to your phone. Only to find out that it is a number like 2677 or 3389 calling to tell you an advert.

Luckily, NCC (Nigeria Communication Commission) have looked into the issue and have provided a solution; a way to opt out from all of the advertising services any of the network providers might have put you in. It is also known as DND (Do Not Disturb).

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Now, There are two kinds Of DNS; Partial DND where you subscribe to some adverts and unsubscribe from some adverts and Full DND where you unsubscribe from all adverts.

How to Stop Unsolicited SMS and Calls From MTN, Airtel, GLO, and 9Mobile

To unsubscribe from the adverts or Activate Full DND on your SIM is very easy as you only need to send “STOP” in a text message to 2442 on any network you are using; MTN, Airtel, GLO or 9mobile. This should automatically take your number off the adverts list and you won’t get any Unsolicited SMS or Calls from there on out.

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To unsubscribe from certain adverts and still be subscribed to some others based on the niche then you need to activate Full DND First. Then you will now individual subscribe to the ones you want using the codes below.

“SMS 1” – Banking/Insurance/Financial Product

“SMS 2” – Real Estate.

“SMS 3” – Education.

“SMS 4” – Health.

“SMS 5” – Consumer goods and Automobiles.

“SMS 6” – Communication/ Broadcasting/ Entertainment/ IT.

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“SMS 7” – Tourism and Leisure.

‘SMS 8″ – Sports.

“SMS 9′ – Religion( Christianity, Islam, others).

To subscribe for any adverts in any of the listed categories, text the code to 2442. For example, after I’m done sending “STOP” to 2442 to unsubscribe from all adverts and i Still want to get adverts about sports only. I’ll simply just text “SMS 8” to 2442 to subscribe for ONLY sports and I’ll only be getting adverts about sports.

Wrapping Up

If you activate a Full DND or stop Unsolicited SMS and Calls using the above means on your SIM and you’re still getting it. Make sure you report it to NCC by emailing your complaints to [email protected] or file an online complaint at their website File A Complaint Be rest assured that the Matter attended to.

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