How PUBG Mobile India Will Differ from its Global Variants


PUBG players in India have to face off various hurdles. First, they have been deprived of the best battle royale experience. When Call of Duty launched with a Battle Royale variant, it was not all they expected.

But many players had their hopes sustained when the news came that PUBG Mobile India will soon be created. That hope was killed by the very fact that India has data and privacy issues, so the game may not be launched in India. The announcement came from the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology.

Pubg Mobile India
Pubg Mobile India

Already, India feels a political hostility towards its neighbor China, so it is easy to see why things may remain this way for some time. Until now, India has banned up to 117 apps that seem to originate from China. The ban affects PUBG Mobile.

However, Call of Duty: Mobile is not banned because it originates from a company that doesn’t have ties to China. Activision is the main publisher of Call of Duty: Mobile worldwide, except for China and Southeast Asia. For this very reason, the game is not banned in India.

Late last year, Krafton Inc. announced a new version of PUBG Mobile India, which will cater to region-specific needs. The company promised that the privacy of this version’s users is the top concern on its mind. Of course, other factors should be taken into consideration because India seems to turn her back on games that are too violent or sexually suggestive.

It is hoped that Krafton’s version will take these facts into consideration. As such some things will change in the PUBG Mobile India version. Players will be fully clothed. Also, playtime limits will be enforced to prevent bad gaming habits from children. To also make violence seem softer, the blood spewed will be green, not red.

Your new preferences will also reflect as you prepare to take on an opponent in a game.


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