How not to make mistakes buying at Black Friday 2023

The Black Friday is the biggest shopping event worldwide. During that day, dozens, hundreds of brands and establishments launch thousands of offers with which we can save a good dough by buying the products we want most or anticipating the gifts of next Christmas, however, such a torrent of offers, coupled with haste if they are exhausted, it can lead us to make fatal mistakes and end up spending more than we have and, perhaps, without saving as much as we expect. Therefore, today on TechReen we want to help you take advantage of the discounts with these tips so you do not make mistakes buying at Black Friday.

Make the shopping list

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Of course! If when you go to a shopping store to make the house purchase you make a list so you do not forget anything, in Black Friday you must make a list too. That is, think about what you really need, or the gifts you want for Christmas, and make a list of products. When the “Black Friday” arrives, you should try to pick up the list, precisely so as not to buy things that you do not need and that, perhaps, might not be as good a deal as they paint. But the most important thing about making this list is to follow it.

Put on the detective costume

The days before Black Friday take a look at those stores, and check the prices of the products you want to buy. You do not have to dress yourself in a hat, raincoat, and a big magnifying glass, but once you know what you want or what you need to buy, it’s time to check the prices from the store, so you can establish a priority by visiting the store a day or two before the greater discounts begin. But beware, you must be very careful not to bite into traps.

When Friday arrives, compare! It is not the first time that an offer is not such (faked). In that case, exercise your rights and claim. For this, I advise you to confirm prices days before the deal day, take a picture of the price of the products, or a screenshot if you check through their website. In both cases, the date and time is stored in the metadata of the image, and it will be very easy to claim. One last piece of advice – social networks are a good way of pressure in these cases.

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Newsletters and data

It is very important that you subscribe to the newsletter of those stores whose offers you find most interesting, but also to others because that day, last minute offers are frequent. In this way, you make sure you are among the first to be informed and, perhaps, you can benefit from it.

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On the other hand, do not forget to update your personal data in those online stores where you are most likely to buy. Pay special attention to the address and telephone number that you have registered, as well as the method or methods of payment. You will appreciate having updated this information when you are trying to buy an item with limited units or time.


Black Friday is a unique opportunity for online scams and frauds, so do not be fooled. Be very careful with the pages you visit, do not access stores that you have never heard of and make sure that the website has a security certificate. Likewise, try to prioritize stores that you trust, use a secure connection, and be very careful with the offers you receive by mail. Remember that, no matter how good the Black Friday offers are, nobody will sell you the iPhone Xs for $400, guess you know where I’m going, right?

And that’s it! Follow these simple tips that part of the logic and common sense, and you sure will not go wrong buying during the Black Friday. And remember! If today you miss an offer, you have a second chance with Cyber Monday.

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