How Do I Download Instagram Stories On My iPhone

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Instastories surely transformed social media in a lot of ways. Even if Snapchat was the real owner of the amazing idea, no one remembers that anymore since Instagram was the platform that made the bold move to launch it.

However, because stories vanish after some hours, most times forever, a lot of users always seek for ways to save their personal stories in highlights. If you are not aware, saving them is still not downloading them, to make that happen, another approach entirely is required. See the answer to your How Do I Download Instagram Stories On My iPhone question:

How Can I Save Individual Stories On My iPhone?

Saving a story is not complicated. Just add the story, head to the homepage, and swipe the stories (circular images) all the way to the left. The leftmost circular photo will be your personal profile picture, and it represents your stories. Click it and you will have access to all your presently active stories. Or, head to your Instagram profile and click your profile picture to see your stories.

As soon as you find that story that you want to save, click the 3-dot icon in the lower-right corner of the display. There, “Save” will be visible. Click it. Depending on if your story is a picture or clip, you will be able to “Save Photo” or “Save Video.” Click these buttons and your entire story will be stored under “Photos.” The story timer and all the info mostly located in the upper part of the story screen will not be seen. “Save Story” will be available too, but it does a different job.

Download Instagram Stories iPhone
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How Can I Save All Current Stories On My iPhone?

By tapping “Save Story,” users will be able to save all their presently available stories. This option simply makes a video of your current stories, whether they’re pictures or clips. Staring at the stories on Instagram and this timing will be alike.

Download Instagram Stories iPhone
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As with “Save Photo” or “Save Video,” the only content that will be seen is the actual stories. No other content will be visible. It will just be a clip of your full story experience.

How Can I Download Stories On My iPhone?

If you wish to save your personal stories on Instagram, the application can definitely help. If you want to do it for other people’s stories, you just need to use the screenshot function or the Screen Recording feature on your iPhone.

That is that.

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