How Do I Check How Long I Have Left On My PlayStation Plus Subscription?

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Are you loving your PlayStation Plus membership? Then you must be thinking about renewing the membership as soon as your subscription period is expired. Or have you decided that you are done with PlayStation Plus? and wish to confirm when your subscription will expire? We can help.

In either case, it is possible to know how much time you have remaining on your PlayStation Plus subscription. See How To Check How Long I Have Left On My PlayStation Plus Subscription?:

How Can I Check How Much Time I Have Left On My PlayStation Plus Subscription?

  • From your PS4’s home screen, head to the top-left of the display, to the PS+ icon. Press “X” immediately you reach it.

check PlayStation Plus subscription

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  • On the next screen, choose “Manage Membership” and press X.
  • Choose “Subscription” and press X.
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check PlayStation Plus subscription

Information about your PlayStation Plus subscription should now be shown to you, including when the subscription will be up and when it should be renewed.

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check PlayStation Plus subscription

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Gamers can also enable or disable “Auto-Renewal” from this screen, this option is in charge of controlling if your PlayStation Plus subscription will be renewed automatically at the end of the subscription period or not.

Meanwhile, do you need help with How You Can Demand For A Refund From The PlayStation Store? See the details below:

Chat With Playstation Support To Receive A Refund

There is presently no way to request for a refund on your PS4 console. You will have to visit the PlayStation Support Page on your mobile device or computer’s browser, and tap on the blue “Chat” window. Get ready to answer quick questions regarding your account from the support team for you to initiate the refund.

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Every money spent on a pre-ordered title can attract a refund through the original payment procedure, but for all other kinds of content bought on the PlayStation Store, your PSN wallet gets credited. I can guess though, you will prefer your cash paid into your checking or credit account, so simply request respectfully for your payment to be refunded straight to your bank account or rather, PayPal.

Any subscription to PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now are also refund-enabled, although, you should expect your a lesser amount than the original price you paid in your PSN wallet, it is usually according to how long the subscription has been active for.

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