How Can I Pair My Apple Watch To My iPhone XR?


Pairing a new iPhone with your Apple Watch should not be complicated. An Apple Watch application is all that is required on your iPhone and you will be able to automatically pair both devices. However, because the XR is the latest iPhone version, there are still some problems when pairing it with other devices, including the Apple Watch.

There are 2 ways to pair the iPhone XR and Apple Watch – manually and automatically. This tutorial will highlight both methods for any possible pairing problems you might encounter.

1. How Can I Prepare My Apple Watch And iPhone For Pairing


Before pairing both devices, be certain that they are well-prepared to stay away from any complications. These are things that must be checked:

  1. Confirm if your iPhone is functioning on the recent system version. If it is not, the system might not detect the Apple Watch. To prevent this, get your iPhone updated before you continue.
  2. Head to the Settings application on your iOS device.
  3.  Click “Bluetooth.”
  4. Make sure Bluetooth is toggled on.
  5. Get yourself connected to a Wi-Fi or a cellular network.
  6. Hold the power button on the Apple Watch to activate it.
  7. Make sure the 2 devices have enough battery.
  8. Make sure the devices are near each other for pairing to happen.

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2. How Can I Pair My Apple Watch And iPhone

The pairing process is not complicated. Adhere to these instructions:

  1.  Launch the Apple Watch application on your iPhone XR.
  2. Tap “Start Pairing.” A pairing window will be visible on the screen.
  3. Adhere to the on-screen instructions to pair the devices. You have to move the iPhone’s camera to the Apple Watch display.
  4. As soon as the devices pair, you will be notified.

Pairing Manually

If the devices could not be paired automatically, it can be done manually. It will require added steps but it will make sure the devices are successfully paired.

  1. Choose “i” on your Apple Watch screen.
  2. Set a new device name for your Apple watch.
  3. Choose a wrist.
  4. Tap “Set Up as New” (or “Restore from Backup” if you are yet to do this) on your iOS device.
  5. Choose right or left wrist on your iPhone.
  6. When asked, agree to the terms and conditions.
  7. Type in your Apple ID.
  8.  Allow access to all compulsory applications (Siri, diagnostics, iCloud).
  9. Set a password for your Apple Watch through your iPhone. You can choose between a normal password, long password, or no password at all. If you decide to set a password, it has to be done through the Apple Watch.

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Immediately everything is set up, a pop-up window will be visible to confirm it. When that is done, your Apple Watch will stay unlocked except it is off your wrist. If it doesn’t remain unlocked, you will need to unlock it again when you put it back on. Also note that, after unlocking your phone, you will also unlock the watch.

3. Sync Your Apps

After pairing your devices, you might decide to sync all the applications. By so doing, your watch will download and update all the apps that are already on your iPhone, albeit in their watch version. Not doing this will mean you have to install them manually anytime you wish.

If you confirm, hold on for the devices to sync. This can take a while, especially if you have several applications on your iPhone. Make sure your devices are near each other until the syncing is complete.