How Can I Get Verified On Facebook?


Social media is home to several fake accounts. So it makes perfect sense for giant platforms like Snapchat, Twitter, and Facebook to let specific accounts become verified, which will act as a sign that they are legit.

Facebook makes use of a blue check to let a particular company stand out among its fake wannabes.

There is a gray check too that is useful to set authentic pages apart from the rest, and it is for those that are not qualified to be in the “public interest” category.


Verification will not cost you anything. For anyone that wants that blue or gray check mark, adhere to these instructions:

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  1. Have a cover photo.
  2. Have a profile picture.
  3.  Have a name that adheres to Facebook’s guidelines.
  4. Have content posted to the account.
  5. Visitors must be able to follow you. This is restricted to just profiles.
  6. Be able to offer a government-issued I.D such as a driver’s license, national ID card or passport. (This is for profiles alone.)
  7. Be able to offer a document (such as your business’ phone or utility bill, a certificate or formation, articles of incorporation, or tax documents) which includes a watermark, for pages that do not represent a person.

This is how you can ensure your Facebook account is verified. Regardless of whether its a business page or a profile.

How Can I Get Verified With A Blue Checkmark On Facebook?

To achieve verification, the desktop version of Facebook is required. For Pages, it has to be set to “public figure.”

Immediately that has been done, adhere to these instructions:

  1. Head to and get yourself logged into your account.
  2. Head to this link and make sure it is filled out, plus include a reason why your account has to be verified.
  3. Tap “Send.”

You will be notified after Facebook begins to review your request, and if it is not accepted, you will be allowed to apply again one month later.


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How Can I Get Verified With A Gray Checkmark On Facebook?

If, rather, you need the gray checkmark, simply head to your page’s settings, and below “General,” choose language. Tap “Call me now” and it will prompt Facebook to give you a call with a verification code.

When that is done, just type in that 4-digit verification code and tap “Continue.”

You will be notified about your fate immediately after a review.

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