How and why to install and use Bing with ChatGPT on your computer

Bing has been empowered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology, making Microsoft’s search engine now capable of having a conversation as well.

This addition was announced at a Microsoft event in February 2023, where it was confirmed that OpenIA technology was going to be integrated into both Bing and Microsoft’s Edge browser. 

This is a logical step, since the company formerly run by Bill Gates has shelled out a few billion on OpenIA’s ChatGPT.

After that, we will see how it takes us to a new window where we have a writing area where it says you will tell it that you want to search in a more natural way.

However, to make the most of it, we must know how it works to be able to use Bing with ChatGPT and thus achieve a complete experience, which is extremely interesting.

How to use Bing with ChatGPT

Using Bing with ChatGPT allows search results to be more conversational in tone, rather than just a list of links. 

We will be able to observe how Bing analyzes the questions that we are asking it, looking for answers that allow it to refine the results by telling Bing what we think of what it has found.

We must take into account that Microsoft has imposed limits on Bing to avoid annoying behaviors that many users have noticed.

Limits to chats per session and chats per day are included, meaning that, at the time of writing this chat, they are limited to 10 chats per session and 120 chats per day.

To use Bing with ChatGPT we must use the Microsoft Edge browser and enter, to do the following from here:

  • If we have access to the new Bing with ChatGPT, since it is being implemented little by little, we should see one like Chat in the upper almost left part of Bing, where we should click to start using the Open IA technology.
  • After that, we will see how it takes us to a new window where we have a writing area where it says Ask me anything.
  • We write what we want to know, being able a little higher to choose the type of conversation between More Creative, More Balanced, or More Precise.
  • Once we’ve asked for something, we’ll watch Bing parse the query and watch as it writes you a live response. 
  • If we get tired we can press Stop Responding to tell it to stop.
  • At the bottom, we’ll see footer references to where the bot pulls data from, and once you’re done typing, we’ll see a list of sample responses.
  • We can click on any of the websites shown, but the change is that we can continue chatting with Bing to obtain more information or refine the search. 
  • To continue chatting, Bing offers a series of follow-up questions after each search.
  • If we hover over any response we’ll see thumbs up/thumbs down icons appear, which we can click to tell Microsoft it was a good or bad response. 
  • If we see something that requires further feedback, we should click the Feedback button in the bottom right corner and report it directly to Microsoft.

As you have seen, this change could mean a very important step forward in the operation of Bing and future search engines. 

This is just the beginning of what ChatGPT can mean when it is incorporated into this type of technology such as Bing, making it never the same to search for any information in search engines and browsers.

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