Hoverboard Price Online & Everything You Need to Know Before Buying One



You might have been wondering what hoverboard is by now and you should have seen loads of videos and images of random people and celebrities riding on light emitting two wheeled scooters.

What exactly is Hoverboard?


Hoverboards have almost same resemblance with a skateboard. This is a board used as a means of personal transportation in homes, stages or streets. It is also known as the self-balancing smart wheel. Even though we saw this first in films Back to the Future Part II and Back to the Future Part III, it is back and everyone is getting one because hoverboard sales is now going completely viral.

Hoverboard Price Online

Hoverboards Control (How to Use the Hoverboard)

Hoverboards are pretty easy to use. Controlling it requires that you lean forward to go forward, lean backward to go backward, place a bit more pressure with your right foot to turn right, and place a bit more pressure with your left foot to turn left. Moving on the hoverboard is so much fun.

Hoverboard Price Online

First thing you should know is that the Hoverboard is bigger and heavier than you think it is. It weight about 27 lbs. They come with a charger as well. You’ll need to charge it before taking it out for a ride.

Watch this Video of Hoverboard

It was also put on display during the NBA finals by the Cleveland Cavaliers J.R. Smith, who rode it through the bowels of Cleveland’s Quicken Loans Arena before and after games.

YouTube video

Hoverboards are of different types and of different colours – We have…


Black hoverboard

Red hoverboard

Gold hoverboard

Gold hoverboard

White hoverboard

Blue hoverboard and many more

Where to Buy Hoverboards?

Hoverboards is now on sale and you can get one on Ebay or Amazon and Jumia or Konga online store in Nigeria.

Hoverboard Price

You can buy Hoverboards (balancing scooter) at a price range of $500 – $700 on Ebay or Amazon and Jumia or Konga for a price between N130,000 – N150,000. The best hoverboard will likely be more expensive though.

One way to tell if your board is any good is cost. Under $300? You probably want to back away quickly. Some of the best-reviewed boards are around $500 – $700, though some of those without celebrity reputations attached can be bought for at $500 – $700. There really isn’t a standard price yet, but you should budget to spend at least $500.

Where To Buy Hoverboards & Pay On Delivery

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Buy from Konga
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