Honor also sells an AirPods copy in China – Honor FlyPods


Huawei has done it with the freebuds, now Honor follows with the FlyPods, which is also an AirPods copy.

The Honor FlyPods were presented last week at an event in China, but have also hinted in advance. From tomorrow you will be able to buy them for almost 100 euros (converted, base model) in China.

Honor has put a lot of effort into the FlyPods to bring a copy of Apple on the market, many elements were 1:1 of the AirPods. Even the look of the user interface:

The look, the name, and the marketing at Vmall (Chinese) seem like a copy of Apple. However, Honor managed to produce several colors directly and the case can be loaded wirelessly (Qi). Apple has also announced such a case but never brought to market until today.

It is unlikely, as with the Huawei freebuds, that we will ever see this product in Germany. On the one hand, there is the look, in the European countries, one finds a copy not as attractive as in China and then stood in the freebuds in the room that the quality is not good.

Therefore, Huawei did not present the AirPods copy at the Mate event and will not bring it to us, they should not be good enough. And since Freebuds and FlyPods under the hood are likely to be identical, this will also apply to the product of Honor. One will surely be able to order the FlyPods somewhere for just under 100 Euro as an imported product.