History in the new COD can refer to the second world war!

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Bearing in mind that we have recently heard a series of rumors on the Internet about a new Call Of Duty, it would be expected that sooner or later we would have access to really brutal news. One being none other than the possible history of this new title. It may even turn out to be one of the best we’ve seen to date. This is clear if the rumors are confirmed.

So, according to what has already been said. It seems that the story of this new Call Of Duty will go back to the second world war. In other words, it will bring the various alliances that have existed around the world face to face. They being none other than Germany and Italy on the one hand, and the USA, England, and France on the other.

The history of the new COD can refer to the second world war!

New Cod
New Cod

So it’s not the first time that a Call Of Duty game has seen its history take place during World War II. However, it is really the first time that such a game will be released on the new generation of consoles. In this way being able to really take full advantage of all the potential in terms of Hardware.

Thus, all this information was revealed by a Twitter user well known to the community. That despite being sure that the history of the game will pass during the second world war. He asks all players to be calm, saying that all this may be a simple rumor. But let’s wait and see.

World War
World War

In short, the new COD will be something extraordinary when it hits the market. This of course is, if it is developed already thinking about the new generation of consoles. After all, if Modern Warfare was once the astonishment it was at the level of graphics already on PS4, imagine what this will be like.

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