High Voltage, Low Voltage, Inverter, and Regular ACs Differences – The 4 types of Air Conditioners

There are different types of air conditioners that we are going to examine right here. All of them have something to do with voltage, inverter, and we also examine how the air conditioners differ.

Air conditioners are machines that treat air so that warm air is removed, and cold air is released into a confined atmosphere. The technology put an end to how our ancestors cooled their rooms. The only way they used to do that more than 100 years ago was to open the window. Now, with the inception of the air condition, we have to close the window to achieve cool air.

Air conditioners have been introduced to residential homes since the 1920s, and they still perform amazingly these days. Today, it is the means by which people stay comfortable in their homes especially during heat periods of the year. Right now, air conditioners are not viewed as luxuries anymore. Every home is expected to have it.

How Air Conditioners Differ from Fans

Fans are reputable for making the air in your home feel cool because they move the air around so fast, you feel it is somehow cool on your body. Air conditioners operate differently, by making use of refrigeration to chill indoor air. However, they do more than just provide a cool environment for humans.

Before we consider how having air conditioners in our homes benefits us, let’s take a brief look at three types of air conditioners out there. These are low voltage air conditioner, inverter air conditioner, and regular air conditioner.

Why are we considering only three types of air conditioners, when there seem to be many types of air conditioners out there? We are looking at technical aspects, not design aspects that can involve brand names and features such as specifications. There are many types of AC designs, makes but in terms of technicality, there are just four types. We will reveal these types below.

high volt air conditioner
high volt air conditioner

High Voltage Air Conditioners

These air conditioners include those that are used in industrial capacity. Factories, offices, and other business edifices may make use of high-voltage air conditioners. Under normal situations, a system that makes use of up to 250V is considered high. Some home electrical wiring is considered high voltage. There are ACs designed to work properly with such homes or business places. Usually, these types of air conditioners can’t be used where the voltage is often lower than 120V, or there could be issues.

It is good to note that when the voltage is too low, the AC motor will pull more than normal current, and that can damage the motors, wearing out the life of the air conditioner. Window Air Conditioners are often part of the high voltage systems out there.

Regular Air Conditioners

These are the most common type of air conditioners available on the market. It comes with a fixed-speed compressor motor. They work in a way that the compressor automatically goes on and off, rather than running at full speed all the time.

Based on the temperature, the regular air conditioner usually delivers just what is needed to cool the room and goes off when the desired room temperature has been attained. However, frequent starting and stopping of the AC shorten its lifespan.

Because it has a compressor, this machine always works at high power, consuming more electricity. These are also more expensive and less energy-efficient than other air conditioners such as the inverter, or the low voltage machines. It doesn’t mean that these air conditioners are that bad. They are much needed in areas where home voltage is high and power is stable. The machine does an excellent job of making sure that the room it serves is adequately cooled.

Low Voltage Air Conditioners

These are the air conditioners that are designed to handle voltages that are as low as 170V. What is meant is that when your power is poor, you can enjoy them. They don’t really need much to power them in a home. For areas where there’s often erratic light that is often too, this air conditioner will work smoothly. Thus, users can enjoy a good performance in this type of situation, since the AC will not need a stabilizer.

LG is one company that has started working on these types of air conditioners so that people who live in low voltage areas can enjoy these air conditioners without having their machines damaged from time to time.

low voltage air conditioner
low voltage air conditioner

Because the air conditioners arrive with in-built volt regulation and energy-saving functions, they are able to operate nicely without needing a stabilizer. These low volt air conditioners are very energy efficient, and they help to save more energy than regular air conditioners.

These air conditioners last for long because they don’t have too much pressure on them, and they arrive with super-durable materials. The good thing is that these low-voltage air conditioners also work nicely with small-capacity generators.

Inverter Air Conditioners

This machine or system has a variable speed compressor motor that adjusts the refrigerator flow inside to control its cooling and heating capacity. The speed in the inverter AC is proportional to the frequency of the power supply. It is both effective and more energy-efficient than a regular AC. The compressor can’t run anyhow as the unit controls or regulates it at all times.

One spectacular thing about the inverter AC is that it is able to regulate itself with a good speed which helps the air conditioner to keep working and maintaining the temperature without having to power down its motor. The regulator ensures the speed is lowered once the room is cool. At this point, the AC system saves energy and refrigerant used to cool the air.

inverter ac 1

It has been said that this machine is cost-effective because the compressor doesn’t work at full capacity. But users also love it for more reasons: it is silent than most air conditioners, partly because it often runs at low speed. Yet, it is able to achieve a super-cooling effect in a short while after it has been turned on. Basically, these are considered the best environmentally-friendly air conditioners out there.

Words of Caution

If you discover that your home or office air conditioner switches off suddenly due to fluctuation in electricity, quickly get a voltage stabilizer to solve the problem. It is beneficial for you to know what type of AC will be good for your home out of these three. Both voltage that is too high and that is too low can be risky because both can damage your machine.

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