Here’s what the Sony PlayStation 5 prototype looks like!


Here’s what the Sony PlayStation 5 prototype looks like! – Last week, Gizmodo published a very interesting article, stating that it had received lots of information and images regarding the PlayStation 5 prototype that is in circulation at Sony’s various partner studios.

By the way, the images that made the players like it during August were even confirmed by a well-known developer. Claiming I had a lot of gadgets that looked like in the office. (A tweet that had to be promptly removed!)

However, the images shared by the Gizmodo site were of very poor quality. So the popular LetsGoDigital has decided to get down to business to show us what the PS5 prototype design really is worth.

Therefore, as you can see, the top is completely silver, with several ventilation holes along the console body. In addition, we have several buttons on the front of the device, plus some LED indicators.

Interestingly, this is not even the first prototype delivered to studios by Sony!

According to the latest information, a model prior to this one was distributed at the beginning of 2018. However, this DevKit was eventually replaced in April / May this year, being at bottom a much more complete and final version of the Sony console. Codenamed ‘Prospero‘.

That as we said in another article, it’s very interesting since Prospero is the main character in a Shakespeare (The Tempest) work. Where the other two characters are Ariel and Gonzalo, which if you don’t know, are two code names used by AMD for what many believe to be the Sony PS5 and Microsoft Xbox Scarlett processors.