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Greenify Pro app download link is available here for Android users. And using this pro app, you can maximize your Android phone battery as well as performance. Greenify is very famous for its hibernating ability. It can hibernate any tough app in seconds. You can use it on your Android phone without root permission, but to get the real advantages of this app, you need to root your Phone. Without rooted phones can only access its limited features like hibernating apps at a normal level. Prevent apps from the auto start and stuff like that.

Basically, in this article, I will provide you the download link of Greenify Pro app, and the guides like howto’s on it. Let’s start this article, and first, let me provide you the download link of Greenify Pro app.


Download Greenify Pro app Latest Version For Free Directly On Your Android

You will be able to download Greenify Pro app on Android for free of cost. And you will be able to enjoy all its premium features for free without paying any paying because I’m going to provide you the download link of Greenify Pro app free. But as you know, nothing valuable comes fast and easy. Meanwhile, you have to perform some tasks that usually look hard, but I assure you that you will clarify everything related to Greenify Pro app after the end of this article. I have uploaded the file Apk on Mediafire, which the no.1 file provider service. And you will not struggle in downloading the Greenify on your Android from Mediafire.

Before giving you the download link of Greenify Pro app, you and I need to show the file information of the file you will download. It’s very important, and I will discuss it later or after providing you the file information.

File information:

  • File Name: Greenify Pro app Download v4.51
  • Apk Size: 3.70Mb (Varies with a device)
  • Version: v4.51
  • Developer: Oasis Feng
  • Apk type: Tool
  • Extension: [.apk]
  • Last Updated: 4 December 2018
  • Android Required: Varies with a device

The two most important thing you have to remember is the name of the Apk and file size. And it would help if you matched it to the request when the browser presents you or notify you. It’s important because some browsers like UC exchange the requested app with promotion one. And that you should be aware of. And by matching the name and the file size of the original Apk, you can save yourself from such cheating. Below is the download link of Greenify Pro app that will redirect you to the Mediafire website where the Greenify Pro is hosted. Just tap on it from below and start the process of downloading.

Download Greenify Pro app v4.51

How To Download The Greenify Pro app Latest Version Correctly On Your Android

Here is the step by step process to download the Greenify Pro app latest version safely on your Android:

  1. Click Here or the above download link of Greenify Pro’s latest Apk using your mobile or computer.
  2. Once you click on the link, you will be redirected to Mediafire, where the Greenify Pro app is hosted.
  3. Just click on the download link and wait for your Android device to catch it.
  4. Once your Android caught the file, wait to complete the download.
  5. Done.

So, that’s how you can easily download the Greenify Pro app from this web page on your Android. Now, I have some more tips for you to help you download the Greenify Pro app safely. So, let me show you those tips so that you will face no issue downloading.

Important Things To Remember Before Downloading Greenify Pro app Latest Version

  • Use a strong browser for downloading the Apk. Browser like Google Chrome, UC Browser, Opera Mini. These browsers are quite capable of downloading any file. It would help if you had a good browser because sometimes Mediafire sends the file, but the browser fails to catch it, and you can’t get the Apk. So, make sure you follow this tip.
  • Have a good speed internet connection in your android from carrier or WiFi; when the internet speed is low on Android, the download corruption chances increases because file providers send a file in small sizes like 4Kb, 6Kb, 9Kb, and then 10Kb. Slow internet on Android has high chances that they will lose those small Kb’s. And hence you need a speed internet connection on your Android, at least 200kbps, for downloading.
  • Make sure you have enough storage space on your Android. Most files get corrupted due to the low space available in Android. Only half of the whole file gets saved. So, double-check the storage before downloading the Greenify Pro app if you have low space on your Android and want to make space but don’t want to lose files. Then I recommend going>settings>storage>clear caches. Doing this will make free space on your Android without deleting any file.
  • Don’t do Multi-tasking while downloading the file. Doing this also increases the chance of file corruption. Allow your browser to use the resources of Android easily, and it will download the file without any error.

Just follow my above-explained tips when you are in the process of downloading the Greenify Pro app on your Android. Its way is easier to download that Pro app if you follow my tips. Assuming you have successfully downloaded the Greenify Pro app on your Android device. If so, let’s move to the next howto’s; it’s the installation process.


How To Install The Greenify Pro app In Your Android Device Properly

Greenify Pro app Download

Follow the common steps to install the Greenify Pro app latest version on your Android phone:

  1. Open the downloaded Greenify Pro app from the file manager or downloaded section of the browser.
  2. Accept all the terms and scroll down to the button.
  3. Hit the install button and wait for a minute. It may take more types depending on your Android device performance.
  4. Once installed, press done.
  5. That’s it.

You can follow the normal process from above to install the Greenify Pro app on your Android phone. Now, may some of you face errors while installing it, and that’s why I have provided more tips on the installation process. Make sure you read that if you are facing any problem in installing Greenify Pro app on Android.

Things To Make Sure While Installing The Greenify Pro app Latest Version

  • Do not do any task while installing the Greenify Pro app’s latest version. Most of you minimize the installation and think that it will get installed. But by doing that, you make the installation hard, and soon you see a message saying, “The App is not responding.” This is very common, and I’m damn sure you get a lot. So, make sure you don’t do multitasking while installing the Apk.
  • End the background application. Always listen to music while doing anything on Android? It’s not good when it comes to installing any Apk. It would help if you closed everything running in the background to give the installation access to most Android resources.
  • Close the internet connection. Some Android Apk takes advantage of the mobile Internet to upgrade themselves. Like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. This is a Pro version, and allowing it to access the internet may cause it to get back to the free version of Greenify Pro app. It may fetch the data from Play Store that pre-installed in your Android.

Installing Apk like Greenify is not easy for Android because it’s from Root type apps that require some advance permission. But you can follow the above tips to install the Greenify Pro app on your Android easily. And always remember to give as much access to Android resources to the Installation process. It also ridiculously helps in installing Apk fast on Android devices. Now, let me show you the final howto’s.

How To Run Greenify Pro app Latest Version On Android First Time Safely.

Let me show you the step-by-step process to run Greenify Pro app on Android:

  1. Once installation complete, tap on done.
  2. Close everything running in the background of your Android. You can also use a game booster or DU Booster for that.
  3. Turn off the Internet connection on your Android. It is very important for the first start not to give the Internet access to the App.
  4. Start the Greenify Pro app, and it will automatically start after taking some seconds. It may ask for root permission if your phone has rooted. Once Loaded, tap on the plus icon and add the apps you want to hibernate. Once added, press the hibernate button from the Right bottom, and all the running apps get hibernated instantly.
  5. That’s it.

You really need a step-by-step guide like above to get started perfectly in the first place with Greenify Pro app. As of now, I have explained pretty much about Greenify; it’s time to show you some screenshots of it.


Greenify helps immensely in optimizing apps that are installed or ran in the background continuously. Those background runners squeeze much amount of battery power, and soon the battery capacity low-downs. But apps like Greenify pro can protect you from these types of situations. And if your Android phone is rooted, then you can really take advantage of Greenify pro features. It will help you more in improving battery performance by optimizing apps.

Hopefully, you have got whatever you were looking for? If so, please this article with your friends and let them know about Greenify. Also, post down below if you have any questing in the comment section. I’ll see you at the next one.

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