Grand Theft Auto (GTA) 6: Release date, location and exclusive PS5! (Rumor)

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We have not heard of the long-awaited GTA 6 for a long time! But in a new series of leaks and rumors about the new Sony PlayStation 5, behold we have seen the next game of the saga Grand Theft Auto, mentioned, and it will be a temporary exclusive of the new generation console.

Interestingly, in addition to knowing that it may be exclusive for PS5, we also know its alleged release date!

Attention! This is just rumors, based on an anonymous source, we can not confirm any of this information.

GTA 6: Release Date

It is likely that Rockstar Games will release the new GTA 6 before Christmas 2020, a bit like the launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 last year. However, it turns out to be strange, that a game with all the ‘Hype’ of GTA 6, hit the market, only 2 years after the release of the gigantic and RDR2.

GTA 6: Location / History

According to the leaker, the new GTA 6 will be in Miami and New York. What would be a complete novelty for the saga … But since it is one of the titles of the launch of the new generation consoles, the capacities of the new consoles, will surely make this possible.


An exclusive Sony PlayStation 5?

In addition to the launch date and location of the action, the ‘Leaker’ also states that this will be one of the launch titles of the PS5, and is also a one-month exclusive.

This after Sony has offered a super-lucrative deal to Take-Two Interactive! Will it be the first attack on Xbox Scarlett?

Although Take-Two has recently accepted an exclusive deal with the Epic Games Store.

It seems a bit unlikely, that a huge game like GTA 6. That will without any doubt make a huge amount of money on your launch … Stay limited only to one platform.


However, on the other hand, we do not know what kind of deal Sony offered! Therefore, although there is the possibility that all this is true. I suggest you take this information, as it is in reality, a rumor.