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Goojara.ch now Goojara.to is the new movie portal for streaming and downloading online that looks more like Supernova.to. Entertainment is something we have to consume daily to give ourselves a little refreshment. It also brings happiness, which is a fundamental and powerful medicine that aids health and wellbeing. Watching movies is great entertainment that we all prefer to consume in our free time. Watching movies brings the most entertainment to human beings, and good movies also teach us brilliant lessons. The problem is that before we can consume a movie in any way, we have to pay. Whether through a Streaming app or movie theater.

But in today’s article, we will introduce to you a great source for watching & download Movies, Series, Anime, etc., for free. You require an Internet connection to stream or download movies, and you don’t have to pay any extra charge; it’s fully free. So, let’s start this article, and let me first give you a full overview of this amazing source.

Goojara Movies Overview


Goojara is a free web portal that streams and downloads Movies, Series, and Anime online. Unlike most movie streaming platforms, Goojara doesn’t charge for streaming any content. They even allow users to download content from their website without any charge.

Usually, if we want to stream a movie using streaming platforms, we first have to subscribe their one of the plans for a month. And then we will be able to watch any content. Sometimes we want to watch our favorite movie that just has launched, but we have to subscribe to a plan for a whole month to watch it. And that’s frustrating!

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I mean, why pay rent for a whole month if we only want to stay in a hotel for a day or night? The best solution for those who rarely watch movies is Goojara. It is even very suitable for movies seeker. Because this platform uploads new movies and series episodes daily meanwhile, you will find new content every new day. And the best benefit of this platform is it is accessible for everyone for free of cost.

Now, you may wonder how they are providing premium content for free, right? The answer to this question is that more than 3 people run the platform, and all of them have subscribed to different streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. These guys download original content from these streaming platforms and put it on their own website for their users. When you stream any content on Goojara, you will probably see Netflix or Amazon Prime Video clips at first start.

Overall, Goojara is a great streaming web portal that is suitable for everyone. So, whether you want to watch or download a movie, you can visit Goojara. It will be a great experience because the website is very fast, and its server response very quickly, which made movies load fast on any device.

Now, let’s guide you on how to start watching & downloading movies, Series, Anime, etc., for free via this platform.

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Goojara Features

After giving a full overview of it, you may not feel super familiar with Goojara because you still don’t know its features. To help you understand the Goojara interface, let me share its cool features.

1. The Search Bar

Goojara Search Bar
Goojara Search Bar

Most of the entertainment sites out there don’t use the Search bar because of some reason. The problem occurs to users that they can’t find the content they are looking for right away. The search bar helps users find any content they are looking for in a short time. They need to put the keyword in the search bar and hit the enter button to see the searched keyword’s relevant result. Thankfully, Goojara. has it, and that is something you should know before you start accessing it.

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2. Request for Special Content you Want

Didn’t find what you were looking for on Goojara? You can request one on the website and get it in the meantime. It shows how caring they are! They are literally providing content on users’ requests on their website. And that’s probably the reason why they are growing so fast on the web. There is no streaming movie site out there that is uploading content at users’ request. Most of them want to make a profit from their website. So, if even after browsing for a while on Goojara, you don’t find the content, you can comment down on the request section, and they will add your comment on the next content list.


3. Contents are Categorized perfectly

Series and movies contain episodes and parts which need to be perfectly categorized for users. It helps users easily find the other part or episode once they finish the first one. Goojara has taken care of it, and every episode and movie part is easily accessible for users. When a user completes watching a movie part or series episode, they can easily start its other part with a single click.

4. PIP Mode

While streaming movies, you can use PIP mode to do other tasks along with watching the movie. It is very similar to WhatsApp PIP mode. PIP mode puts the video player screen somewhere in the device screen and runs in the background, enabling users to multi-task. You will be able to pause the movie, stop, resume, and restore to the default mode.

These are the four features that I think everyone should know before they start using Goojara for streaming & download content. Now, let’s come to the main part of this article.

How to Watch & Download Movies, Series, Anime for Free on Goojara

It’s very easy to watch & download movies and other content from Goojara. The site design is straightforward, which made its user navigate easily. Goojara is also responsive, which means that whatever device you will open will automatically adjust everything according to the device screen. Well, here will guide to get started with the website. Whether you want to watch content or download, you can follow our steps to do the work.


To Watch Movies And Other content on Goojara

Watch Movies on Goojara

  1. First, visit Goojara.to the official website using Google Chrome. Whether you are using your mobile phone or computer, make sure you use the Google Chrome Browser.
  2. Find a movie or any content you want to watch. You can use the Browse section or the Recently Added section to explore content on the site.
  3. Please tap on the movie picture or title to get the option to stream it on your device.
  4. Once the video player and the movie get loaded, you will a blue video play icon in the middle of the video player.
  5. Just tap on the Blue Video Play icon to start streaming the movie. At first, it will take some time to load and start the movie; be patient!
  6. Once the movie starts playing, you can also turn on PIP mode to do other works along with watching it. To turn on PIP mode, click on the three vertical dots from the video player’s right bottom and select Picture-in-picture.

That’s how you can watch movies, series, Anime online on Goojara. It will really give a pleasant experience, especially the PIP mode. You can do other tasks while enjoying your favorite movie, series, and anime.

To Download Movies And Other content on Goojara

  1. Head over to Goojara.to and select the movie or series episode or Anime to download.
  2. Just tap on it to be able to see the full information.
  3. To get the download option, you will first need to play the movie. So, just hit the blue play button to start playing the movie.
  4. Now, press the pause button, and you will be able to see a blue download button on the top left side of the video player screen.
  5. Just tap on the blue download button, and the movie will instantly start downloading on your browser.
  6. The download button will not appear for mobile users, so you should click on the three dots from the right bottom to get the download option.

The download will instantly start happening once you tap on the download button. Just make sure you don’t pause the movie in the middle. If you do that, the movie downloading may not resume, and you will need to download it from scratch again. So, be aware of that.

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Whether you want to watch or download movies, series, and anime, you should always visit Goojara because it is convenient to consume. Also, the website is pretty fast and responds quickly when you request a stream or download. So, if you consume entertainment such as movies very frequently, you should definitely check out Goojara. Just walk through the steps I have shown to stream or download any video content from there.

Hopefully, you liked this article on Goojara – video streaming & download web portal? If so, share it as much as you can and let others know too about it. If you still have any queries regarding it, you can comment below. We will try our best to answer it.

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