Google’s New Connectivity Center Helps Data Centers Connect to Cloud


Google Cloud has revealed a preview of Network Connectivity Center (NCC), which helps tech experts to deploy, manage, and scale networks. The NCC offers a unique way of connecting your on-premises, Google Cloud, and other cloud networks to manage them through a single, centralized logical hub on Google Cloud.

This new tool is the latest among Google’s offerings aimed at companies adopting multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies.

Now, organizations will be able to create, connect, and manage diverse on-prem and cloud networks from one place. This, organizations will be able to deliver consistent network access, policies, and services, no matter where the organizations’ locations are.

On the other hand, customers will be able to make use of it to connect VPNs, third-party routers, partner interconnects, and software-defined WANs.

Network Connectivity Center is good for VPN-based multi-cloud connectivity offered through partners. It runs on Google’s international set-up. Furthermore, it also pairs with Network Intelligence Center, the platform Google created about two years ago. NIC was debuted for network monitoring, verification, and optimization.


Another good news is that Network Connectivity Center is making possible, the availability of a wider Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Hub with Google Cloud. This was announced last year and was intended to integrate the Cisco SD-WAN to Google Cloud automated site to cloud and site to site connectivity.

This integration is based on Cisco SD-WAN Cloud OnRamp, and it extends the fabric to public cloud environments, making it possible and easier to connect branch offices to cloud workloads.

Google and Cisco are looking at encouraging more organizations to adopt multi-cloud strategies. Basically, on average, an organization connects to more than 20 public cloud services.

Google and Cisco are also enabling intelligent and real-time telemetry exchange with all Google Cloud multi-cloud applications.


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