Google’s Fuchsia OS is coming to Original Nest Hub


9to5Google has reported that the Fuchsia OS is coming to the original Nest Hub. Google is promising Nest Hub users that this will come as an upgrade. Though It has been many years since Google first announced that there was work going on regarding Fuchsia, the company has been silent about it for a while.

Google’s Fuchsia OS is supposed to be a new operating system that would eventually take over the role of Android and Chrome OS and become a unified platform.

It was planned that Fuchsia OS would work across computers, phones, tablets, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices. The information published about five years ago could not certify if Google was working on a completely different operating system, or whether the company would continue to develop previous platforms. However, at that time, there was no official announcement from Google.

Now, things have changed. Google just confirmed that Fuchsia OS will replace the Linux-based Cast OS on the original Nest Hub.

Google Smart Display
Google Smart Display

The latest report revealed that Google’s software experience for smart displays is built with Flutter, and meant to provide consistent experiences across platforms. This means everything should feel and look the same.

Of course, this means that Google will take precautions with this new update. The update, which will be rolled out for the next three months, will start with users in the preview program.

Analysts can’t tell for now if Fuchsia is coming to other devices other than the original Nest Hub. However, the goal of this new roll-out is to test the viability of Fuchsia as a capable platform before pushing it to more users.

The very fact that Google failed to mention the Fuchsia OS during its recent event confirms that there’s no big deal about the new OS and that it won’t make a difference for other users in the near future.

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