Google Pixel Watch Reveals Patent with Built-in Center Camera


Responsible for Android and WearOSGoogle may soon unveil a smartwatch that should mark its official debut in the world of wearables. Patents discovered by LetsGoDigital reveal that the expected Pixel Watch is closer than expected and may feature a built-in center camera.

The records were made by the manufacturer in mid-2017, but only on August 27 this year they were published in the USPTO (United States Patent and Trademark Office) database. The patent also indicates that the device should not adopt virtual commands, but a physical crown around the screen in a scheme similar to the line Galaxy Watch the Samsung.

Image Source – Playback / LetsGoDigital

Although registered by Google, the patent makes no reference to the Pixel line, calling the product only “Camera Watch”. However, chances are that the gadget will keep the same nomenclature used by the company in its popular line of smartphones.

Millionaire Investments

There are several indications that the company should soon enter the wearables market with its own device. In February of this year, she published a job opening seeking a professional who would serve as vice president of wearable hardware engineering, with the goal of developing “multiple wearable products simultaneously”.

Also, in January this year, Google invested $ 40 million to buy technologies developed by Fossil, a watch manufacturing company. Although little is known about the specifics of trading, rumors indicate that it involves a novelty not available in the market – which may be the central camera revealed by patents.

mage Source – Playback / LetsGoDigital

Officially, Google says it is interested in the wearable device market, but in its latest statement on the subject, it said it would not launch such a product anytime soon. In August 2018, she said she intended to upgrade the WearOS system, already used by her partners, before venturing into the smartwatch segment with her own gadget.