Google Map gets face-life brings new features to users.


Google which has seen a recent release in hardware with its Google pixel 3 and Pixel 3 Xl have also brought a new update to one of its major applications which is the Google Maps, The new update allows users to pick between a light and a dark theme.

In previous versions the app automatically swaps between light and dark theme according to the time of the day, the new feature gives the user control over this feature. The company has in recent times been bringing dark themes to more and more of its applications,

The new feature comes in the latest 10.2.1 version of the Google Maps application. The update has already started rolling out to users. The new update also comes with a host of other feature and not just light and dark themes. The new update comes with refurbished navigation settings, new toggles for audio cues and a speed limit display on the screen.

The navigation screen in the latest update is structured in subcategories. The subsections are made up of sound & voice, route options, map display, and driving options. In the new update, users are also provided with alternative routes to avoid highways, tolls, and ferries. The new update also brings a new color scheme to the users which can be accessed in the settings.

The company has in recent times introduced a feature to the application that allows user to stay up to date with their favorite places and also find new ones.  The feature is however not available to all Google Map users across the world as it is made available to users in select countries. The feature which was previously called ‘Follow’ has been moved to a new button ‘For You Tab’ in the new update. The new update brings users events and offers of the favorite places in the ‘For You’ tab.