Google Introduces Heads Up Feature to Pixel Phones


The new Heads Up feature from the stable of Google is a wellbeing tool that helps Pixel phone users not to stumble into light poles and other pedestrians, the company reported.

Many of us have been there before. You must have been seeing people who stared so much into their phone displays that they forgot they are on a busy street. They could attempt to cross the road when a bus or car is coming, or they could walk right into a light pole, as we have seen in comedy videos.

Google is making it possible for smartphone users to avoid that. The Heads Up feature rolling out the Digital Wellbeing Android app will make that happen.

Digital Wellbeing Google Heads Up
Digital Wellbeing Google Heads Up

Once the Heads Up feature is switched on, the phone will occasionally display an alert that reminds you to keep your head up when it detects that you’re walking and using your smartphone at the same period.

XDA Developers spotted today that Google is currently rolling Heads Up on Pixel phones at the moment. We can’t tell when the feature will reach out to other smartphones.

Google is probably using its own phone to test drive the app at the moment. The company is known to have done things like that in the past. But if you don’t use a Pixel phone right now, you can still watch out for it on your phone because it may be rolled out to other smartphones in a few weeks, once Google sees that it works properly on Pixel phones.

However, if you have a Pixel phone and you don’t see the Heads Up feature yet, you may want to join the Digital Wellbeing beta program. That should bring the feature to your smartphone.


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