Google Introduces Face Unlock And Motion Control Technology For Pixel 4


The Android Q- based security system is already visible in Android Q Beta 4. It is expected to be introduced on the Pixel 4 in conjunction with Soli technology-based on touchless gestures that were introduced in 2015.


Google has now confirmed that Pixel 4 will come with Face ID scanning locking system. The system will use a variety of sensors like Soli chips. It is also more efficient than any other device. Once the user’s face is detected, the device will continue to be unlocked and will not need to be scrolled. It will also detect only the user’s face and not the other person’s face. Most interestingly, this technology will also support unlocking the device regardless of whether it is vertical or horizontal.

Making the Pixel 4 device even more unique is Soli radar chip support. This chip has been around since 2015 and is finally being implemented in smartphones. The function introduced is an over-the-air gesture control called Motion Sense. With Motion Sense, users can skip music, snooze alarms, silence the device with just the gesture control over the air.

Because all of this is technology from Google, each of these new functions will use its own software and algorithms to work well. For users who are skeptical of security and privacy, Google says all scanned faces will be stored on the device only and that face data will not be encrypted by any Google service or server.

Google Pixel 4 will launch only at the end of the year. If Google keeps its schedule, it might launch this October. We look forward to it.