Google intensifies ad battles, bring users ability to block all ads.


At every point in time while surfing the internet we must have had a really unpleasing encounter with an ad; some blocking the whole webpage in view and others more disruptive and taking you away from your initial age being viewed.

There seems to be a reason to celebrate because Google is stepping up the game in tackling intrusive ad popups that redirect users. By December the year, Chrome 71 will block all ads on a number of sites that apply these under-handed tactics which usually range from displaying fake system errors to steering you away towards content you are not after.

Google which will assess the site’s tactics will send the administrator to correct his ways if the issues are flagged in an Abusive Experiences Report.

Google said that users will be able to disable the site filtering in Google Chrome’s settings.

This option is one that would be highly welcomed with little or no objections as websites that are fond of such under-handed tactics mostly rely on such tricks to a large extent or in some cases entirely. Google also noted that such methods are used by phishing and scam sites to collect user data. The company’s move to resolve issues with only transparency and integrity is one that would be a cause of happiness for many internet and chrome users.

It is even a grander feat as the blocking is done primarily to tackle malevolent intentions which can be easily determined given the nature of the site. The news might not be welcomed by one party are the advertisers who are big beneficiaries of the already set system.

Google does not seem in any way to be targeting advertising sites and it seems that it hopes that under-handed and tricky practices employed by many administrators can be discarded before it becomes a bigger issue.