Google Assistant can be incorporated into Samsung Smart TVs

The world's largest television seller may be able to adopt the Google assistant.

Samsung is, at the moment, also the biggest seller of Smart TV in the world. As you can see, South Korean’s dominance of the world goes far beyond the smartphone market. That way, your TV offering could be even more appealing with the expected Google Assistant support.

Who owns a Smart TV can do much more than simply watch television. With a television of these at home, you can access any website, see your favorite series, your favorite YouTube videos and more without leaving the sofa.

One of the ways to control all these actions is through virtual assistants. Samsung, for its part, has made use of Bixby on its Smart TV for all these kinds of actions.

Google Assistant can get to Smart TV from Samsung soon

However, we all know that Bixby is far from the potential of its competitor Google Assistant. For example, the Samsung wizard is not even capable of performing tasks involving third-party applications.

However, the South Korean giant will be able to make its Smart TV more attractive as early as 2019. According to a Variety report, Samsung should equip its smart TVs with Google Assistant.

This announcement, according to the source, may already occur at CES next year. The technology fair in Las Vegas will take place next month, where the introduction of new Smart TV and other products by the technology of Seoul is expected.

The arrival of Google Assistant to these devices will not, however, mean the disappearance of Bixby from them. This means that the two virtual assistants will be present on South Korean TVs. It will be up to the user to choose which one to use.

The same report also advances an improvement in the reproduction of sound in the new South Korean televisions. To do this, they will use a new technology capable of automatically adapting the sound reproduced to the room where they are.

It should be noted that Samsung declined any comment on the subject to the publication The Verge. However, one would not expect other behavior on the part of South Korean technology.

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