GB Instagram Latest Version – Media Download Feature & Multi Theme

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Want to easily download media on IG without a PC or 3rd party application? Or do you want an Instagram look that is unique and different from the others? Try downloading the new version of GB Instagram or you can check the discussion of the application below first.

Instagram at a glance – Mod Apk

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms among millennials today. How not, this platform makes it easy for users to share moments in a unique way. Starting from sharing photos, videos to stories. Unfortunately, until now Instagram does not offer a download feature on shared media. So IG users have to use a pc or 3rd party app to do it.

However, there is good news you know! Now there is a m0d version of the application called GB Instagram. One of the best m0d apks on the internet you can use as an alternative to playing on the IG platform.

What is GB Instagram?

Gb Instagram
Gb Instagram

This is a modified version of the IG application developed by Atnfas Hoak, who also released GBWhatsapp. The main thing that is interesting about this m0d apk is the feature to download all types of media that are shared on Instagram.

In addition, there are also many additional features that are not even found in the original version. The basic features of the original application are still there. Coupled with a number of improvements to the features for adding text messages, stories, video calls, recording audio, and more.

In addition, users can also use this m0d application without the need to uninstall the official application. So, you can use two IG accounts on one device. Interestingly, this application can also be obtained for free. All the cool features can also be enjoyed without limits and without paying.

GB Instagram Featured Features

Gb Instagram Multi Theme
Gb Instagram Multi Theme

What are the advantages of this apk mod?

GB Instagram can help users to share and download various media that are shared on Instagram. Its features also provide many privacy options for its users. There are also many variations of themes that can be directly applied to your IG account. In addition to the two main features above, here are some features belonging to the Instagram mod.

1. Bio Copy Feature

This feature allows you to automatically copy the bio of the follower’s name in your account. This will really help you because you no longer need to type in the follower’s name.

2. Copy Comments feature

With this feature, you can easily copy someone’s comments. FYI, you won’t find features like this on the IG application, you know.

3. Double Apk Instagram

Even though you have this m0d application, you don’t need to delete the official IG application, guys. Because it can be installed together with the main IG. So, you can install 2 IG applications on one smartphone device.

4. Multiple Accounts

It’s a bit different from the original IG, which can only be used for a maximum of 4 accounts. This m0d application can accommodate up to 5 accounts on one installed application. How? Cool isn’t it? By installing this apk, you can easily run a business at the same time for a personal account.

There are about 8 to 9 accounts at once that you have if you install both. This is more than enough to help a life exist in doing business on social media.

5. Feature for Downloading Media

This feature is the most demanded by users. Because it can only be obtained only on GBInsta, not on the original version. This Download menu allows users to download photos, videos, or stories that have been shared by someone. The method is very easy, just open the media and download it.

6. Safe & No Banned

Most m0d applications will be very vulnerable to being banned if the user violates the rules. But with this application, you no longer have to worry about blocking and it is safe to use for a long time.

7. No Root

Another convenience offered by this m0d apk is that there is no need to root to apply its features. The app will still run fine on the phone even if it’s not rooted. So, it will be very convenient to use on a cellphone, and quite safe to use in conjunction with other applications.

8 Can Download Instastory

Do you often screenshot someone’s Instasory when the status is good and interesting? Well, with this application, it’s not the time to play screenshots anymore, guys. Because there is a feature to automatically download the story you want. You do this by using the download button available on your follower’s Instastory.

9 Theme Variations & Customization

By having GBInsta, you will never get bored with the same look, guys. Yups, because there are so many variations of themes available and can be customized at will. You can also change the GB Instagram theme easily and download the GB Instagram theme for free.

10. Other Interesting Features

In addition to the 8 excellent features above, GB Instagram apkpure also has other additional features that are no less cool, you know.

What are you? Here are the full features.

  • Can translate comments into certain languages.
  • Can copy and share URL or IG post link automatically to other platforms.
  • Can zoom in and out ( zoom in / zoom out ) profile photos on IG.
  • Able to play video with audio directly.
  • Features to make it easier to control notifications.
  • There is a feature for account statistics control.
  • Can modify graphics and adapt them to your needs.
  • The interface design is almost the same as the original application.
  • There is a feature to count notifications.
  • Can add voice notes and tags to the story.
  • Can close left or right options if desired.

There aren’t a lot of cool features belonging to this transparent GB Instagram apk? With its features, your movements on Instagram are free and unlimited.

Anything is possible and even very easy to do. What are you waiting for? Come on, download the latest GB Instagram 2020 below.

Download GBInsta

FYI, this is a m0d application that is only available on Android smartphone devices, guys. This application is actually illegal, not the official apk owned by Instagram.

This kind of illegal modification application is certainly not 100% safe. The use of m0d applications is quite vulnerable and risky on your device. Do not believe? Please check the negative effects in the article on the dangers of m0d applications.

GBInsta is also not available on the Play Store guys. If you really need it, we have a link to download it here, it’s FREE.

1. GBInsta V1.70

Name GBInstagram
Size 40 MB
Version 1.70
Android 4.1 and above (above KitKat)
Cost Free

Application Info

Download Link

2. GBInsta

Name GBInstagram
Size 39 MB
Version 1.60
Android 4.0 and above
Cost Free

Application Info

Download link GBInstagram v1.60 (39 mb)

3. Latest GBInsta V1.80

Name GBInsta
Size 40.1 MB
Android 4.0 +
Developer Hoak Atnfas
Last Update May 26, 2020

Application Info

Download link GB Instagram 2020

How to Install GBInstagram

After downloading the application at the link above, the next step is to install it on Android. Before installing, you must enable installation from unknown sources. This is done so that the application can be installed and run.

Here are some steps to install the app on Android:

  • Enable 3rd party app install permission. You do this by going to the Settings menu, Security, Unknown Sources.
  • Download one of the files above to your phone until it’s finished.
  • Find the file in the phone’s storage folder.
  • Open and tap the file to install.
  • Wait for the installation process to complete.
  • When finished, open the application and log in with your IG account.

Tips- How to Download Videos/Photos

Downloading media on Ig is one of GBInsta’s excellent features. How? Namely as follows:

  • Find the video or image you want to download.
  • Tap the 3 dots icon in the top right corner of the post.
  • Click the Download option.
  • The video or photo will be automatically saved to the phone.

To understand better, I’m sharing a video tutorial using GBInsta, guys.

YouTube video

With this IG m0d application, you can try many things that can’t be done in the original version. Its advanced features are also supported by an attractive interface design.

But, please be careful to use it so it doesn’t cause negative effects for you guys.

That was a brief discussion about GB Instagram following the download link. Please share this article with your loved ones. Thanks for dropping by.