35 thoughts on “How To Fund Swisscoin Account (E-wallet) & Purchase Swisscoin Packs”

  1. Hi I registered my swisscoin account around 4 years back, but I forgot my password and the email I was using back then. I haven’t been active, how can I reset my password and the new email. Please help

  2. Hi Friend, kindly help,I registered and purchased coins in 2017,,and was sent a confirmatory mail ,,However I haven’t logged in yet because I lost email to haclers,but I now recovered my mail but I can’t log into my Swiss coin account.
    Any way to help?

  3. Is it necessary to purchase the education pack ?
    I guess we can also directly purchase swisscoins on coinexchange.io & start trading
    Whats the advantage of buying an education pack over directly owning the swisscoins

  4. Please am a starter in the investment of cryptocurrencies and I want to start with swisscoin so I don’t have Bitcoin. I also don’t have the other means of checking out. So my question is “is cash allowed or can I pay using my visa card”?

  5. Hi
    I have re charge my swiss eallet via PAYZA on 16 jan, untill now my swisscoin wallet is not charged, what could be the issue


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