Fuels: Charging an electric car is more expensive than using gasoline


A few days ago, we reported that the charging of plug-in hybrid cars, on the National public network, is starting to be a real theft, thanks in large part to the way the system was made, and of course, the increase in electricity.

So… What about electric cars? Very briefly, they are going down the exact same path!

Fuels: Charging an electric car is more expensive than using gasoline!?


So, in recent times, electric car owners are being surprised by the price of each charge, in which of course, more than half of the amount paid goes into fees, whether these are taxes, or activation fees + usage fees. each post.

Can you imagine paying between €50~60 for a full charge, which in practice amounts to 300~400 kilometers of autonomy on the road? This is exactly what is happening.

After all, in case you don’t know, when you charge your electric (or hybrid) car on the National public network, you will have to pay the set of three or four amounts:

  • Price of energy used.
  • Post usage fee, usually charged by the minute. (OPC).
  • Post activation fee (may not exist! Depends on post).
  • Taxes.

In short, all components can vary depending on the type of loading (slow, fast or super fast), where it is done, entity that manages the station, and even time of day. (However, some platforms offer cheaper hours).


However, in a recent television interview, EDP commented on the amounts charged, stating that they are in line with other European markets and that despite the value (now higher), they are still very competitive prices compared to fossil fuels.


So, if by chance you already have an electric car, or are thinking about purchasing an EV, always prioritize charging at home! In addition, if you really have to, study carefully the available loading locations.

Therefore, use applications such as ChargePoint or ChargeHub, which offer price simulations, whether the loading is total or partial (you can choose the percentage). It is very important that drivers know the current reality of the electric mobility market, and adapt to what is happening.

Besides, what do you think about all this? Was it within the theme? Find a robbery? Please share your opinion with us in the comments below.