Free Paid Android Apps? where to download the Apk

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How many times have you seen an Android application that you like, but it costs too much? Or don’t you have a credit card to pay for it? Or do you want to try before spending money?

This article will see together only the best sites to download free paid apps on Android.

Android is now the most widespread mobile operating system thanks to the enormous availability of free apps and the fact that it is a little more open and editable than others.


Not all Android apps are free, some, in fact, have to pay, but there are some websites where you can find and download free paid apps to try them.

The best sites to download free paid apps for Android

Free Paid Apps
Free Paid Apps

APK Mania Full

is one of the most visited sites of its kind. It has some ads, too, but it allows you to really download an infinite number of applications and games in PRO version or mod, to have all the functions unlocked or with the levels facilitated thanks to hack or aid released.

Link | APK Mania Full


We could not miss XDA, a reference point for ROMs on Android for years. The forum offers APKs for all tastes- for example, we can download apps to turn our device into an LG G3 (only using APK), wallpapers, stock launcher of many terminals (Samsung Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8), etc. There are no cracked apps, but for extreme personalization, you are really spoiled for choice.

Link | XDA-Developers


The international site is very famous for its great index of m0d games, cracked apps, Android games, and themes. Useful search engine to quickly find the apps we’re interested in.


One of the very few sites (maybe really the only one) that does not pass by ad.fly or similar to download the APK, and that does not contain advertising windows on the right and missing; open the app of interest and download directly from their servers.


Link | APKs.org


Unlike the previous site, this offers freeware apps exclusively, normally already available for download from the Play Store. If your device does not support the Play Store or is not working, we can fall back on this well-stocked site.

Link | AppApk

APK Mod Hack

Site well stocked with games already cracked, with lots of MODs for endless lives and/or all add-ons unlocked (without having to buy another in-app). A truly inexhaustible source of entertainment for your Android devices. Of course, cracked apps are not missing.

Link | APK Mod Hack

APK King

The “king” of the APK is here. App updated in real-time, numerous cracked games, and many other juicy extras for Android. Another inexhaustible and fairly safe source of cracked APKs.

Link | APK King


The home of digital freeloaders. Here there is really everything and more- APK divided by category, regularly updated at each release, even for paid apps. Besides the Android world, it also provides apps, themes, and free wallpapers for iOS and Windows Phones. If in doubt, use the search bar to find APKs for popular payment applications.

Quite safe sources and controlled by the numerous “unloaders,” even if absolute security no one can certify it. For the insatiable pirates software, movies, ebooks, etc., are also available.

Link | IPmart-Italy

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