Free Games for PlayStation Plus Subscribers


PlayStation is known for giving out free games to premium subscribers each month. In the month of January 2021, the company behind the creation of both PS4 and PS5 promised that the same will happen.
As we now have the names of the free games, we will examine them in short to understand these games. PS5 premium subscribers should note the following.

Maneater on PS5

Maneater Ps5 1
Maneater Ps5 1

No matter what you do as you play this game, your resolute decision is to put a ferocious shark under control.

If you are adept at what you do, you may be able to grow quickly from a small pup to eventually become a megalodon. It may take a lot to get to that since you need to feed on both marine life and humans to achieve your goal.

Once you become a megalodon, you are at the apex. You can clamp down on helpless beachgoers and learn new shark abilities on the go.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider on PS4

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider On Ps4This one is the third entry on the list of reboots that commenced in 2010. It means that you may experience a new Lara Croft if you haven’t played the game for some time.

Shadow must deal with the harsh consequences of Lara’s actions as she wades through South American ruins, gathering treasures, and battling a mercenary group known as Trinity.

You have all sorts of tools – weapons at your disposal, and these can help you to survive in the jungle.

Greedfall on PS4

GreedfallExplore foreign lands in this game. There is an island that is contested between natives and colonists from multiple nations.

You see yourself as a neutral figure who is able to explore the island, complete quests, and choose a side you want to align yourself with and fight others. Your main goal is to seek complete control of the land. Of course, you can achieve your aim through the use of multiple ideas.

These are the three free PS games available for download from January 5, 2021. They will expire when the next round of free games on PS starts next month.