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Lucky Patcher is basically an ad-blocking software developed for Android phones. While downloading any application or game from the Internet, several ads will appear on the user interface screen. Therefore, it starts to irritate us while we use that application or play on our phone. Now you are thinking that this application is available for iPhone in iTunes? No, Lucky Patcher is not available in the iPhone app store that is in iTunes.

Lucky Patcher iOS Download for iPhone and iPad:

But here we are also going to solve this problem. From now on you can easily use the Lucky Patcher application by downloading it for free for iOS devices. In addition to the ad blocking feature, this application also helps you to extend the trial period of any paid application very easily. So it is better to definitely choose this application for your iOS devices.

There is a little trick you should apply while downloading this application on your iOS devices. No need to worry since we are going to list all the basic features with the trick of downloading and installing this application on your iOS devices. The system is almost the same to use this application on any iOS device. In the next point, we will discuss the features you will get after installing this application on iPhone, iPad, etc.

Key features of Lucky Patcher iOS:

Below are some of the best features of Lucky Patcher iOS. Review the points and you will know the application more clearly than before.

  • With the help of this application, you can easily block the annoying ads that appear in games and applications after downloading them to your phone.
  • In addition to blocking annoying ads, you can also crack or extend the trial period of your paid apps. So without paying money, you can extend the average test period for a long time.
  • If you want to use any paid application for free then use this application to make or convert them for free to use.
  • If you feel bored of using the default user interface of your iOS device. Then, with the help of the lucky patch, you can easily change the user interface as it works as a launcher for your iOS device.
  • You can also give some of the additional permissions to your applications that you can not give by default.

A detailed guide to download and install Lucky Patcher iOS:

This is very easy to download and install Lucky Patcher for iOS. If you think that you will look for it directly in the App Store to download it, then you are wrong. This application is not officially published in the iOS app store. Therefore, you must follow the steps mentioned below to download and install Lucky patcher iOS.

  • Initially, you need to install an iOS iPad application name to get the Lucky Patcher application. You need to download the current version of iPadian for your iPhone.
  • After downloading the iPadian application you need to install this application on your iPhone or iPad or on any iOS device.
  • Once you have finished with this step, open the iPadian application and look for the lucky patch in the top search bar. The iPadian also works as an app store.
  • After searching, the Lucky Patcher name will appear in the search result. Now you know what needs to be installed on your phone, click on it to download it first.
  • If you need a permit, get it from the configuration of your phone.
  • Once the application is installed now you are free of those annoying ads that appear on the screen of your application or game.

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Lucky Patcher is a very popular application specially designed for Android devices to hack games, patch applications, remove application permissions, remove system or stock applications, etc. There is no official Lucky Patcher app for iOS or iPhone devices. But some people may claim that there is an alternative way to use the Lucky Patcher application on an iOS device, but it does not work. In the future, if we launch any iOS version of Lucky Parcher, you will find it on our website. Lucky Patcher is currently only available for Android.

Lucky Patcher Features:

  • Modify applications to block or remove ads from applications.
  • Hack many games, unlock features, gems, unlimited life etc. with Lucky Patcher apk.
  • Uninstall unwanted system or stock apps with Lucky Patcher.
  • Remove unwanted application permissions from untrusted applications.
  • Backup of applications and games.
  • Make backup copies of applications and regular Android games on your SD card. easily.
  • Lucky Patcher can stop the verification of licenses and the purchase of applications and premium games.


That’s all about the Lucky Patcher for iOS which is a very useful third-party application for blocking annoying ads in the web browser, as well as in applications. From now on, you can download or use any application on your phone and use it without being bothered by the ads that are shown frequently. I hope everyone is satisfied with the steps we provide here to install this application. In addition, we also mention all the key features that this Lucky Patcher application provides. In addition to this free application, there are also some ad blockers that can also be tested on your iOS.

Download Lucky Patcher for iOS:

Does Lucky Patcher has an iOS Version?

Lucky Patcher is a very popular app to Hack apps and games, remove app permissions, remove stock or system apps, etc. There is no official Lucky Patcher app for iOS devices or iPhones. Many websites and pages may claim that Lucky Patcher is also available for iPhone or iOS devices but it’s totally fake. In the future, if we release any iOS version of the lucky patcher app, we’ll upload it to our website. Lucky Patcher is currently only available for Android and right now we don’t have any plan to release any version for iOS and iPhone devices.